Have you heard the exciting news from The Crochet Project? They are planning a new MCAL that starts on 26th December.

If you are asking yourself what an MCAL is check out our blog post explaining how they work HERE. but please be aware that it refers to the Skimming Stones MCAL not the new Echo Chamber MCAL. For more information about joining in with the Echo Chamber MCAL take a look at the pattern page on Ravelry HERE.

Joanne Scrace has designed the Echo Chamber pattern using Fyberspates yarns but I have been stash diving and chosen these beauties; Pendle 4ply in Orkney Landscape, Eldwick Lace in Misty Woods and Milburn 4ply in Charcoal, assuming I have a second ball hiding in my stash although we hope to have a new dyelot available before the end of December if not. My plan is to hold the Eldwick Lace with the Pendle 4ply so that the fuzz of the mohair softens and muddles the variegated effect of the Orkney Landscape skein. This will take the place of the 50g skein of Faery Wings suggested and hopefully give a similar effect to this yarn. 

The kits that were on offer on The Crochet Project website either used a combination of a very dark slate grey and a deep/bold colour or more of a pastel approach with a variegated accent skein. My colours are a combination of these two approaches and I really hope it will work well for the pattern. 

This has got me thinking about other possible colour combinations in the ECY palette. The requirements for the pattern are here:

MC - 100g skein of 365m/399yds. The suggested yarn is a high twist 4ply yarn that will give good stitch definition.

This instantly suggests to me Harewood Fingering which is 110g and 385m/420yds. Alternatively Milburn 4ply would be just as good, in fact any of our 4ply/fingering yarns would be great with the possible exception of Hayton 4ply as this comes in at 347m/380yds per 100g so might not be enough. 

CC - 50g skein of 175m/191yds. The suggested yarn is a single ply wrapped with a strand of mohair and nylon offering lovely handle and drape.

As soon as I saw mention of mohair I knew I had to use our Eldwick Lace held double. It has been amazing seeing how different colourway combinations using this yarn with 4ply yarns in the Laverton Shawl have been turning out. For more about this take a look at our other mohair related blog posts showing examples and suggestions for how to choose colourways. The Laverton shawl pairs Eldwick Lace with Carlisle Fingering which is a single ply yarn and so would be perfect for this project. All available stock of these two yarns can be found together HERE. Based on the quantities required you would need roughly half a 50g skein of Eldwick Lace and half a 100g skein of 4ply/fingering weight yarn. A 50g ball of Milburn 4ply would be ideal to reduce waste but my plan is to use the leftover yarn to make a matching accessory!


All that being said here are my favourite combinations using our available yarns: 

1. Harewood Hedgerow / Carlisle Autumn / Eldwick Bark
2. Tempo Steel / Carlisle Salvia / Eldwick Dyepot Luck 
3. Tempo Storm / Carlisle Empire / Eldwick Apricot Tulip 
4. Tempo Echinops / Carlisle Dyepot Luck / Eldwick Dandelion 
5. Bowland 4ply Cedar / Carlisle Wax Jacket / Eldwick Compost / 


Which is your favourite? Add any other suggestions in the comments below.



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