This week (14th - 20th May) is Mental Health Awareness week here in the UK and this is a subject very close to the hearts of the whole ECY team. If it hadn't been for my (Laura) own struggles I could still be in a very corporate world and not 'got hooked' on ECY, crochet and all things yarny!

There is a lot of great content floating around on the internet on this topic and so we have pulled together some of our favourite posts and resources to get you started. We are not experts but we have all been through different challenges and all have found that being creative has helped us in those harder times.

If you or a loved one is struggling with any mental health issues, The Blurt Foundation has a lot of fabulous resources, lovely motivational messages and they also sell monthly boxes that contain a collection of little things to help you/them through a tough time.

I feel like I should also include a little note to say that seeking help from your GP is also highly advisable, even if it is just to be pointed in the direction of local services.

This is by no way an exhaustive list and different items might resonate more with some than others. Have you found any good ones we can add to the list?

You are not alone!

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  • I was browsing your delicious yarns when I spotted this post about Mental Health Awareness Week which brought joy to my heart. Thank you Edn Cottage Yarns for being supportive! I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 about 4 years ago and as I’m able between bouts of severe depression, the knitting has been a lifesaver throughout this time. I’m currently knitting like a mad woman here [hmm pun not intended ;) ], but the yarn and the knitting and the busyness of my hands helps to keep my mind calm and safely occupied. Like many, I can happily say I have a yarn addiction. But it truly is a life saving therapy for me. Fiona, Australia xx

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