So as I was hanging a batch of BFL Sock in Salvia on the line (destined for Kathy's Knits in Edinburgh) , it struck me how much purple (or nearly purple) there is around the garden... So I nabbed a skein off the line and grabbed my iPad, and had a wild few minutes putting this purple skein everywhere. Here's how it went. It's a good match for this heavily perfumed buddleja (ironically not the shade of our Buddleja colourway)... Or how about alongside this sage..     I like it with the vibrancy of this small verbena..    And with the softness of this (also heavily scented) lavender..   It's a great match alongside this (French?) lavender too (I had to fight the bees for it)..     And again alongside a more vibrant shade (this is the buddleja that our colourway is named for)..(also heavily scented)..   Here it is with a huge (in a pot) mound of petunia, which has gone more pinkish since I've had it..    I like it with these sweet peas...    I reeeeeally like it with this lobelia and petunia..     And more sweet peas..   And even more sweet peas - the dark ones remind me of our Black Magic Rose colourway actually..    Here it is with a fuchsia (but not the one the colourway is named for!)..    And here with ponytail grass - the light gold is what our Whispering Grass colourway is named for and I love it with purple..     And finally with a now ratty looking teasel..   Maybe I'll do a blog post about other specific colours sometime..


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