In case you're thinking of going to Fibre East.. I can recommend it! This year was our first year at this show - we actually almost went in a previous year then had to cancel due to a family wedding, so it felt like it'd been a long time coming. There are sheep.. here's regal sheep: Wee sheep: Smug sheep: And Derpy sheep (who was a cutie): Here's our little stall. Having just moved house we were really glad I'd booked just a small one. We couldn't fit all the yarn in the car, but since we had the British Wool Show (which will be on the blog next) the week after this worked out well, as it meant we still had yarn for that. Of course lots of our friends were there too! We were opposite Midwinter Yarns. We were near (almost adjacent) to Yarn Garden, and properly adjacent to us was the lovely Marie Wallin - I hadn't met her before but I'd been eyeing up her stunning work - it's very floral in terms of palette and design, with tonnes of stranded work; so I was pleased to talk to her and get to know her a little over the weekend. She had a helper with her who was also absolutely lovely. You can see Wooltops were near us too - we like those guys very much! I'm planning to use some of their bases soon. We were lucky enough to be next door to another good friend - Triskelion Yarns. We know we share many customers and it's lovely because our yarns are different yet complimentary, so often at shows people are buying yarn from both of us, and we see finished objects which combine our yarns - that's a nice feeling. We were on the same row as Five Moons as well. I wish I'd had a closer look at their lovely yarns actually because now I'm looking at this picture I'm seeing a lot of temptation! And lovely Jon and James from Easyknits were there of course. All this in one room - it was lovely. There are actually a number of marquees and another hall full of goodies so it's quite a sizeable and varied show. Anyway, I'll leave you with a few temptations..


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