Since this week has been particularly busy and stressful, but has included so much yarn, I thought I'd best share it with the world. It'd be rude not to, really.

It's been gloriously sunny for a lot of the week.

I've been dyeing a large volume of yarn, as well as dealing with a load of other stuff. My Instagram feed does feature the pretty stuff, but behind the scenes life is full of the usual pressures, plus there's all the hard work that running any business involves.

That's Titus 4ply in Grace, above. It's a new shade of light orange named for the Rose 'Grace' which has this sort of colour blooms. I think it's sold out now - I think pretty much all the Titus 4ply is sold out, but I will have more again as soon as I can.

All the yarn from this week - well, the majority of it - is off to Yarnaholic in Japan. Akiko always picks the most beautiful palette; it's very cohesive I think.

Late daffs ^^ - love em.

We were at Wharfe Wool Fair on Saturday so I've been trying to get organised filling that as well.

Below: rain. Yarn doesn't dry too quickly on S hooks, but it means I can run out and whip it inside at the slightest hint of a spot of rain (to which my spidey sense is well attuned). If it's sunny and warm, but threatening to shower, it's worth doing this.

With all the dyeing comes a shed load of tying, twisting, labelling and packing of skeins. David helps with this and one of our friends came over earlier in the week to help as well. I'm still not through it all actually.. It's a bit never-ending sometimes.

Ok I'll finish up with some gloriously pretty blossom. Look out for more yarn and flowers next week. Maybe even some knitting or crochet (I know - living the dream!).


  • ECY - Admin

    Thankyou! There’ll be more Titus 4ply again this weekend coming; I do keep re-stocking, but clearly not enough! :)

    Victoria on

  • Beautiful yarn and colours! Just been looking for Titus 4 ply in the shop, look forward to your restock of that :-)

    Sarah W on

  • Wow! What glorious pastels! Your yard is a yarn-lover’s dream! And I love the photo of you (I presume) holding all that amazing yarn!!!! The flowers are also lovely. A labor of love.

    Verónica on

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