That (yarn) time of the month is almost upon us again so I thought it'd be helpful to provide a full preview of everything that'll be included to you can easily see everything together and make plans if you need to. This update will go live at 7pm UK time on Tuesday the 30th of May.

Above: Oakworth 4ply in Cottage Originals 1805171211

We do always send out a newsletter a few days before updates as a reminder and it covers more than just the yarn update - we look at new pattern releases, KALs, and other things of interest too. This month's is going out this afternoon, but if you do want to make sure you're kept up to date, you can sign up on our homepage at (or just tap the logo at the top of this page).

Above: Oakworth 4ply in Faded Bloom

The main feature of this update is Oakworth 4ply; this is 100% New Zealand polwarth wool which is superwash treated so it can go through the wash. It's a nice, crisp yarn with great stitch definition. It feels quite solid in the skein but that is mostly because I've twisted them tightly! It's not really intentional but we have a skein twisting machine now and I'm finding it hard to not twist the skeins too tight. 

Above: Oakworth 4ply in Hibiscus

Anyway, the yarn does bloom and soften once you knit with it - worked at a looser gauge it drapes well too. I knitted my Fuss Free Festival Shawl in it - you can see that HERE.

Without further ado, here are all the colourways of Oakworth 4ply that'll be newly available:

(L-R; top to bottom for all the panels)

Starling, Salvia, Cottage Originals, Moorland, Slate, Cottage Originals.

Hibiscus, Falling Leaves, Wild Orchid (that's the same dyelots as in my FFFS), Tide, Cromer Pier, Cottage Originals.

Thunder, Bark, Cedar, Black Magic Rose, Twig, Larch.

Misty Woods, Whispering Grass, Hosta, Sand, Steel, Antique Rose.

Wild Raspberry, Faded Bloom, Dianthus, Rosehip, Apricot Tulip, Hedgerow.

All of these below are Cottage Originals


So that's almost all of the Oakworth 4ply - there's just one dyelot of 20 skeins of sort-of-Wild Orchid to add - I was aiming for Wild Orchid but it's come out darker. I'll update this blog post with a pic of it over the weekend.

ETA: I inadvertently created a sister colourway, Black Orchid:

However there's also smaller quantities of both Pendle 4ply and Langdale Superwash Aran - they're both in respect of pattern releases that have recently happened, which are featured in our latest newsletter. Rather than just create batches of the colours used I thought it'd be more useful to dye a number of colours but without doing a full update quantity.

Hence there are five batches of ten skeins each of both yarns (almost - I messed up a bit with the Pendle!):

Pendle 4ply in Stone, Compost x 5, Heliotrope, Coppice, Falling Leaves, and Oak x 5.

Langdale Superwash Aran in Hedgerow, Steel, Silver Birch, Stone, Stonechat.

 Finally.. (!) there are ten batches of Titus DK..

Stone, Misty Woods, Briar Rose, Cottage Originals, Buddleja:


Charcoal, Black Orchid, Sand, Calamondin, Cottage Originals:

So there we go - I hope this has been helpful for you in planning what you want to get. Please remember that the batches are limited in quantity and can sell out very quickly - we generally can't combine orders placed during updates so do bear that in mind.


Happy shopping!



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