In about 2011 there was a shawl pattern released which used three colours of 4ply/fingering weight yarn and *wasn't* a triangular one. It seemed all new at the time as the trend had been for one-skein triangular shawls. That pattern was Veera Valimaki's Colour Affection and since then three-colour shawl patterns in all different shapes have remained popular. I realise she won't have been the first to release a three-colour pattern by the way, it just seemed like that was the first super-popular one. 

Whenever we do our yarn updates I always try to make time to photograph colour combinations for you and we make them into yarn packs too. Here are some ideas for patterns that call for three colours of yarn - we hope they're helpful! For three colour combination inspiration take a look in our flickr album HERE.


Sundial by Woolenberry 


A light and airy rectangular wrap which has three colour blocks.


Festival of Stitches by Lisa Hannes


This is a rectangular wrap but it's got a V shape in the centre so it's a bit unusual. It's got sections of all different types of textures and stitches which is really cool, but it still looks cohesive because of the way the colours are used.


By Airmail by Minimi Knit Design


A rectangular wrap worked on the bias in garter stitch. The pattern uses blocks of colour to create the stunning striped effect.


Harvested Crochet Shawl by Emmy + Lien 


This is a crescent-shaped shawl which looks richly textured but sounds like it's actually really simple to make judging by the blurb on it!


Drachenfels by Melanie Berg


An absolute classic when it comes to three-colour shawls, this one combines textures and stripes to create a good sized triangular shawl (it's not ridiculously big but also not tiny!).


Masgot by Justyna Knits


Alternating two row garter stripes with short row sections of the third colour, complimented with a border of the contrast colour. This gives an assymmetric semi-circular shawl.


Obtuse Shawl by Detroit Knots

(Tunisian crochet)

This is a Tunisian crochet pattern and the shawl is an arrowhead shape with textures and colour blocks. Don't be put off if you've never tried Tunisian crochet before, it's a really nice and surprisingly easy technique, and it's SO satisfying to do. It's totally worth having a go at.


Stillness Shawl by Helen Stewart aka Curious Handmade


If you're familiar with Helen's work you'll know roughly what to expect: this one is a big semi-circular shawl with stripes of textured sections which frame a central lace section, then there's a lace section for the edging too. 


Paris is Always a Good Idea by Louise Tilbrook


Alternating stripes of the two main colours with bands of the contrast colour separating them. Worked from the longest edge downwards this shawls require very little counting.


Despite by Detroit Knots


This is a striped triangular shawl which has a variety of textures too. It also has little sections that look almost like braids on the surface of the fabric which is lovely.


Lilli Pilli Wrap by Ambah O'Brien


Combining stripes of alternating colours with a pop of colour in the contrasting lace sections provides a stunning wrap.


Ashburn by Melanie Berg


A simple colourblock shawl using garter and slipped stitch patterns to create texture. An asymmetric triangular shawl pattern giving plenty of scope to play with colour.


Dream of Diamonds by Rachy Newin


This is a big and practical rectangular wrap with a central textured pattern. It was designed to use three skeins of coordinating colours which fade together but it would also work in one colour. It needs to be a not-too-busy colour though so that the texture will stand out.


Baubles by Andrea Mowry


This is a triangular (but side-to-side) shawl with textured panels/stripes in different colours. It has a really cool brioche edging too. Note that this one requires 2 x 100g skeins of one of the colours.


Coffee Date Shawl by C. C. Almon


Sections of texture or lace are framed with ridges of garter stitch. This is an asymmetric triangular shawl which works best with tonal semi-solids or a maximum of one variegated colourway. 


Hale-Bopp Shawl by Ambah O'Brien


Inspired by the comet and combining blocks of lace, garter stitch and textured stitches this shawl uses three contrasting colours for a striking effect.


I hope this list has been inspirational. Have you got anything you think we should add? Let us know! You can email us at info @ edencottageyarns .co . uk (spaces added to help stop spam). 


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