Autumn Fields is a beautiful soft sandy gold. Introduced in the second wave of colours in late 2016. You can read the blog post from when it was announced HERE. Inspired by Victoria's love of late autumn, this is a soft brown gold rather than an orange/yellow shade, making it really great for pairing with other colours. This great quality may well have been part of its downfall. It works so well with other colours that it hasn't really had an opportunity to shine as a stand-alone. But it should probably not come as a surprise as brown shades seem to be the least popular which can be seen with Askham 4ply in Walnut and Whitfell DK in Ebony, stocks of both still being available whilst the other shades have sold out! 

We thought you might like to see some inspiration - these lists will make you want to make alllllll the things! 

Designs calling for Autumn Fields

Magic Circles by Jane Crowfoot

This stunning wrap uses quite a wide range of Milburn colours, including Autumn Fields. We do sell kits for it if you'd like to make one. :)


Oceans of Time by Ruth McKeon aka Knitterarium 

This beautiful gothic-styled shawl used Autumn Fields along with Charcoal and Black Tulip. It was one of the most popular kits we've produced, but Ruth is now on a sabbatical from designing and no long sells her patterns. There are lots of other three-colour shawl patterns on Ravelry that you could use this combination for, though. 

This pattern is no longer available to purchase


Projects using Autumn Fields

Victoria's Fairyhill Shawl by Helen Stewart 

V: This was such a delight to make! It's got gold seed beads in it, and the combination of Autumn Fields, Wicker, and gold beads make a really pretty shawl. 


ellieshek's Longbourn by Kay F Jones

We love the bold colour combination here, it's SO effective!



dreamsbythesea's Separate Ways by Joji Locatelli (made for Victoria) 

This is quite possibly my (Victoria's) all-time favourite handmade sweater. Or just favourite sweater. Once the weather is warm enough for 4ply garments I wear this one A LOT! I love the colours together - it uses Autumn Fields, Catmint, Steel, and Natural. 


asdisemilag's Love Note by tincanknits

Well this is just lush! The soft colour is beautiful for showing off the lace in this pattern. 



SarahVanG's For fox sake by Maxim Cyr 

Hah, as if the name wasn't enough! The pattern is really cool and this colour combination is awesome!


 Pilzie's First Yoke pullover

Another beautiful colour combination! Autumn Fields as the main colour works so well with the yoke and hem patterns. 


Laura's Maslow's Rainbow Top by Dora Does

This is a beautiful one for showing off how Autumn Fields plays nicely with other colours - here it's with Rust, which is probably a fairly obvious choice, but then you've also got Thyme, Rain, and Althaea. 



Colour combinations

So that's a few patterns and projects. But when we get new yarn and colours Victoria always goes a bit mad with colour combination inspiration. I find it useful myself so surely you will do too?!  

I like how with Damson you get a heathery sort of look, and then with Steel and Natural you get the soft neutral sort of effect.

From left to right with Steel, Natural and Damson 

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with Bramble, Estuary, Tea Rose and Rain            with Rain and Estuary


with Steel, Rain, Catmint, Rust and Natural           with Rust, Black Tulip, Charcoal and Steel   


with Harvest Gold and Rust

 I hope this post has been inspiring for you, it certainly has been inspiring for us creating it!! 


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