This blog post is designed as a useful resource for inspiration for a specific yarn. There are projects that use it, and patterns that call for it. It's so handy to have all this in one place! 

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. If they're only available on Ravelry we will say that, but not link to it. 

Bowland Lace is a wonderful new addition to the Bowland range. Pure British Bluefaced Leicester wool beautifully spun to a 2ply lace weight. Being a lustre wool this yarn has all the shine you would expect but is gently woolly too. The fabric it creates is light, soft, and warm. It works well in garments and accesories and is perfect used on its own or held double with other yarns. We especially highly recommend using it held double with our fluffy Eldwick Lace (superkid mohair/silk) to create a really soft, cuddly, yet lightweight fabric.

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Bowland Lace and the second part shows you our projects using this yarns. Do you have a project in Bowland Lace that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!



We don't yet have any patterns calling for this yarn to share with you but we do have a blog post full of suggestions of patterns using other yarns HERE.

For most of the designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.



Nimbus Cowl by Purl Soho - Bark with Eldwick Lace in Bark

This versatile pattern is easily adaptable. The original pattern calls for 255yds of a 4ply/fingering weight yarn and 290yds of a fluffy laceweight yarn. You work the pattern using both yarns held double to start with and then just the fluff at the top to create the different textures. Finished dimensions are 19 inches circumference at the top, 22 inches circumference at the bottom and a height of 14 inches. Using a 2ply laceweight yarn in place of the 4ply/fingering weight yarn (but at the same gauge) makes the fabric lighter while still being cosy, and I have ended up wearing this cowl absolutely loads since finishing it. 

Victoria wearing a light brown cowl and pulling it up over her mouth


Grayson cardigan by Laura Aylor - Bowland Lace in Charcoal and Hyssop with Eldwick Lace in Steel / Ash and Hyssop

An open-front cardigan knit top-down and seamlessly with simultaneous set-in sleeves. The body and sleeves are edged in garter stitch, with large front pockets. Written in nine sizes ranging from 29.8" to 53.8" (size of the garment at the bust) with 0-2” of ease recommended.  The pattern is written for a sport weight yarn in two colours. If using two colours you will need 1250yds for the smallest size (MC 800yds/ CC 450yds) and 2280yds for the largest size (MC 1430yds/ CC 850yds). If using two laceweight yarns held together you will need this yardage in both yarns.

Grayson Cardi by Fogbound Knits in dark grey and blue 


Machine knitted cowl - Cottage Original colourway similar to Faded Bloom

This has a neat folded hem at the bottom and an I-cord cast off at the top. I machine knitted it on the equivalent of a 3.25mm/maybe 3.5mm needle. You could get a few of these out of one skein.

Victoria wearing a rich purple coloured cowl and a striped neutral coloured jumper


I hope you've found this blog post useful and inspiring, and if you have anything to add please do let us know on the email address at the top. We love to see your makes!


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