• One of the questions I sometimes get asked is - “why don’t you have swatches of all your colours together up on the website?”
  • I thought I’d answer publicly.
  • The very simple reason is because I have SO MANY regular shades and they sell out so quickly that most of the time *most of them are NOT in stock*. So you’d just be looking at colours you couldn’t get, and that’s not much use. I’d then just get dozens of emails asking for certain colours, and I don’t do custom dyeing, so that’s not a desirable situation. When we prepare for updates I usually take photos of all the colours together if I can - it’s probably worth looking out for those. I tend to post them on Instagram, but also for every update we create a Facebook event page and a Flickr album, so I post the photos there too as that's static.
  • Additionally, with being hand dyed, they can fluctuate. Different yarn bases take the colours differently, for instance.
  • What we DO have is shade cards of Milburn 4ply available to buy. There are 20 colours of it now and they benefit from being dyed in bigger batches, so they don’t fluctuate. If you’d like one, they’re HERE on the webshop under ‘everything else’.
  • I hope this helps answer your questions.


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