I'm sure this will be a familiar story for many of you. You have decided what yarn you want to use for your next project and are browsing the available colours in the collection. You fall in love with a particular colour and click on it to find that there is only one skein available and you need three. It is very disappointing but you go back to look for another colour... This only has two skeins  😭😭😭. Repeat this process a couple more times and I would get so fed up that I would give up or want to throw my device out the window. 🙈

One way to avoid this frustration would be to use Milburn 4ply™, Milburn DK or Whitfell Chunky - our mill dyed yarns. These are available in much larger quantities and so in most circumstances you will find plenty for your project in a great selection of colours. But we know as well as you do that hand dyed yarns are that little bit more special and the more varied colour selections make it even more frustrating to find that a yarn you like is not available in the quantity you need.

Victoria and I were talking about this frustration and it occurred that there must be a way to get the website to do the hard work for you. An hour or so of playing in the back end and now we have an extra section in the Yarn menu where you can find larger quantities of yarn. 

Screenshot of Yarn menu on ECY website

By selecting one of the options in the menu you will be taken to all the available yarns in the appropriate quantities. Unfortunately at this time the sections cannot be sorted or searched by weight. That may change in the future (pleeeease, Shopify) and the blog post will be updated if it does. For now you will see that the default organisation in these categories is alphabetical. 

Screenshot of seven or more collection indicating drop down menu

So for example if you you know that you are interested in Brimham High Twist you can scroll through the alphabetical list and will find it just after Brimham 4ply or Bowland DK depending on the stock available at the time. 

You can also use the 'Sort by' function to reorder the collection in a number of ways. If you are interested in Titus 4ply but do not fancy scrolling through all the yarn, select Alphabetically, Z-A. 

To see recently added yarns, for example to browse the latest updates seeing only the quantities you need you can sort by Date, new to old. 

You can also sort by Price, selecting either low to high or high to low depending on your requirements. 


I hope you find this feature helpful and that your searching is more fruitful!


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