You may have seen us talk about "finding images on flickr" in our newsletters, but you may also be wondering what it is and how to use it so we thought what better way to tell you all about it than in a blog post! We love Flickr as it allows us to upload yarn images and then label the colourway names, and organise them into albums. So we have albums for things like 'blue' colourways (of course this is a bit subjective as we all judge colours differently!), as well as things like 'trees' based on the name and source of inspiration for the colour. Not only that but when Victoria photographs colour combination ideas for you, we put those into Flickr too, so it's a brilliant way to go and get colour inspiration for your projects. 


What is flickr?

Flickr ( is an online photo sharing service which allows organisation of images for viewing by a selected audience. This allows users to upload images and only give access to their friends and family or to make them available for public viewing.  

What are the benefits of it?

Flickr allows us to store an unlimited number of images while also giving us plenty of options to organise them. This means we can share with you all the yarns that we prepare and you will be able to search for anything that you may be looking for. You can find the Eden Cottage Yarns flickr account HERE.

What will I find in there?

  1. Images of every colourway and base added to the website with titles giving details of the yarns. 
  2. Pictures organised into folders by yarn base/ colour family/ inspiration/ seasonal colours
  3. Projects using Milburn 4ply and Milburn DK

Do I need an account to see the images?

No, all the images we upload are public for everyone to see and the same goes for the albums and collections.

How do I find what I am looking for?

First things first, navigate to our flickr page using the link above. This view is the Photostream and all images that we upload will show here.

To find images of a specific colourway you can use the Search function by clicking on the magnifying glass at the top of the photostream and entering the colourway in the resulting search box as shown below.


If you have an idea of what you might be looking for, select an an album or collection to see all items that meet that criteria. For example you could take a look at the Greens album or take a look at the colourways inspired by Scotland. In the Greens album you will not only see pink colourways but also pictures of colour combinations including pinks which could inspire your projects. All albums can be found by clicking HERE or by selecting Albums at the top of the Photostream.


Collections are a way of finding grouped albums such as Yarns by Base or Seasonal colourways and they can be accessed from the using the View Collections link on the Albums page or alternatively they can be found HERE.



We have recently added Colour Combinations to the Collections page. In this collection you can choose the number of colours you want to see (from two up to seven!) and in the album you will find all the images of that number of colours together. This is a great resource if you are looking for inspiration for a pattern using more than one colour but don't know where to start! Take a look HERE

What if I see something I like and want to buy it?

When you find something on flickr that you really like take a look at the image information to find the colourway name and yarn base. You can then use this information to search the ECY website for this yarn. We have a blog post about the website search function HERE. As flickr will act as a library of past colourways it is very possible that the yarns will no longer be available but we do repeat popular colourways fairly often.
Update albums are the exception as these yarns will be going live on the website in the next update so browse the album to plan your purchases.


We hope this has been helpful and that you will enjoy browsing on flickr. Let us know of anything else that would be useful to see here - it might not be possible but we can try!


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