Do you ever see anything on the website and wonder what it means? Well you need wonder no longer!! 
Cottage Original - This is our name for OOAK dyelots. They tend to be experimental and if they work out well they may become regular named colourways.*
FO - Finished Object. This refers to any finished project (knit, crochet or other). eg "Now that I have one FO I can start a new project!"
Frog - This term refers to when you have to undo a large amount of progress on a project. You rip-it ("ribbit") back and so you frog it! 
Gauge/tension - Most knitting and crochet patterns will include the required gauge or tension for the project. This is how many stitches and rows there should be in a set area. See our blog post about this HERE.
OOAK - One of a Kind. This batch is exactly that, one of a kind and is unlikely to be repeated.*
Semi-solid - This term is used to describe many of our colourways. A semi-solid colourway is one single colour that is not variegated, but may have some subtle highlights within that colour. It usually crochets/knits up with a subtle marled effect. This makes it ideal for showing off cables, lace, textured stitches, stranded colourwork, stripes, and as a frame for more variegated colourways.*
Tink - this is knit backwards and means exactly that; to undo your knitting one stitch at a time. We don't really use this anymore so as to avoid possible association with an offensive slur. 
WIP - Work in progress. This is the name given to any on-going projects (knit, crochet or other) eg "I have 3 WIPs but am desperate to cast on ....."
WPI - Wraps per Inch. This is a widely recognised measure of the thickness of yarn based on how many times the yarn must be wrapped around an implement to fill an inch! The thicker the yarn, the lower the WPI. This is a handy way of comparing different yarns when substituting for a pattern. It's the most accurate method, too.
Wool - the fine, soft curly or wavy hair forming the coat of a sheep, goat, or similar animal, especially when shorn and prepared for use in making cloth or yarn. Yarn covers all prepared fibres for use in creating fabrics whereas wool refers to certain types of yarn only. We think it's a bit weird to call fibre from anything other than a sheep 'wool', but that's how the dictionary defines it.
Yarn (as opposed to saying 'wool') - spun thread used for knitting, weaving, or sewing. Yarn can be made from any fibre, synthetic, natural or a blend of both. 
*For more terminology relating to hand dyed yarn and the process of preparing it take a look at this BLOG POST.
Are there any other terms we could add to this list? Email us with your suggestions!


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