Hello! I thought it'd be useful to show you a preview of Sunday's Bowland DK update... it goes live at 1pm UK time.

Here's most of it:

I've done sweater quantities of all of it - it's been so long since we did the last Bowland update that we had none left, so I was really starting from scratch again.

There are three Cottage Originals batches included. There's also a batch of Sparrow, which is what Lori Versaci used in her Summer Fog cardigan pattern.

Those white tags are for office use only - they'll be coming off the yarn!

To see the whole update, our homepage has a 'recently added' section so if you tap on that the Bowland DK will come up and you can browse it all in one go. Either that or simply go to the Bowland DK section using the menu, seeing as all of it is new!

Dont forget our website has a ten minute shopping cart hold function,  it you have to start the checkout process to trigger it - you can then carry on shopping and know that your cart will be held for you, ie no one else can buy items that are in your cart. 

Please also bear in mind that Monday is a bank holiday here in the UK, so orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be packed up on Tuesday and processed at the Post Office on Wednesday. 

We have a few other new things too - like Royal Mile Shawl add-on kits for instance, and some exciting brand new project bags! 

I'll leave you with this for now.. :)


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