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A wee note: as many of you will already know, updates sell out fast. And my website DOES NOT have a shopping cart hold function; therefore when you add yarn to your cart, it is NOT YOURS until you have checked out (I'm not sure if it's before or after the PayPal payment). If you have yarn in your cart and it disappears it's because someone else has bought it in the meantime. I cannot do anything about this I'm afraid - we are having a new website built which will handle this problem, but until then this is how it is. 


Ok, yarn. There's Harewood 4ply, which is the high twist BFL Sock - it's superwash treated though I personally think you should hand wash it.  There are five of each of the colours below, and they are Briar Rose and Bark (top), and Millpond, Rambling Rose, Coppice, Driftwood, and Periwinkle (bottom row).

They will be HERE on Sunday. 


Next up; Malham DK. This has been quite hard to get hold of, so I have just five skeins of each of the colours below. It's a lovely blend of BFL/Masham wool, with the Masham being natural oatmeal in colour. Although it looks quite woolly in the skein, this knits up with great drape and fineness.

It will be HERE on Sunday.


Talking of DK, there's also some Bowland DK (100% superwash BFL although I wouldn't machine wash it, ideally) - not loads, but a few batches of ten just to keep us going until I do a bigger update on it. From left to right we have Tarn, Hyssop, Sparrow, Falling Leaves, Woodland, and Rambling Rose.

It'll be HERE on Sunday.


In case you're wondering, here's Sparrow. It's a colourway I haven't done for two years, and I thought it was time to do it again. No particular reason, I just fancied it. It's a grey base, with shades of brown and dark grey washed through.


Bit weird, but there's one batch of five skeins of Titus 4ply in Periwinkle.. it'll be HERE, all on its lonesome.

dsc_0286 Right.. whilst we're on Titus 4ply.. I have created five more kits of each colour of the Aisling Shawl kit. There are also our gorgeous grellow Aisling kits in stock (ie. using Milburn 4ply in Steel and Askham 4ply in Yarrow).

Kits are HERE.

Moving onto the two biggest key elements of this update - firstly Oakworth 4ply. This is a crisp, smooth yarn which soften with washing and wear, and has great stitch definition. It's great for socks (in my experience - you might want to reinforce heels and toes), and is superwash treated 100% New Zealand Polwarth wool.

How could I resist when I noticed that the colour I'd just dyed perfectly matched the gorgeous roses OH's Mum got me?! The yarn colourway is Spring Buds..


Anyway, here's one of each colourway, of which are there are five skeins each.


And here are some of my palette selections.. the top left colours are (left to right) Rust, Twig, Summer Harvest, Spring Buds, and Fern. The bottom left colours are Salvia, Hydrangea, Storm, Dianthus, Plum, Dahlia, and Rosehip. The right hand colours are Tide, Campanula, Harbour, Pennine Mist, Bluebell, and Cromer Pier.

In case you're wondering, Campanula is named for the light blue type, and it replaces Ice - I just thought it was time for a better and (to my mind) more descriptive name). 

Here we have them all together waiting to be labelled.

The Oakworth 4ply will be HERE on Sunday.


Next up I have a whole load of Pendle 4ply for you. This is our 100% superwash merino (which comes from non-mulesed sheep) and it's very soft and bouncy - cushiony, you might say. It's smooth so has good stitch definition, and although it's superwash treated if I'm honest, I wouldn't machine wash it if you can help it. Most of our 4ply yarns work well together, but I'd say this and Hayton 4ply, being the two very bouncy yarns, won't go with the others.

Here are the colours..

Top left: Moss, Algae and Fresh Leaves

Top right: Stonecrop, Antique Rose, and Stone (top); Salvia, Storm, Wild Raspberry, and Flowering Currant.

Bottom right (the bottom left pic has the same skeins in): Falling Leaves and Dark OAk (top); Copper Beech, Starling, Copper Bucket, and Sunset.

So you can see more detail.. below are Starling and Copper Beech. It's quite a coppery batch of Starling this time (such is the nature of dyeing yarn).

Here's one skein of every colour.. I really, really love Copper Beech with Stonecrop (they're next to each other below)

And they'll be HERE on Sunday.


That's it for this update.

It's a big'un. Enjoy. I'll leave you with the most glorious, sunkissed roses that I spotted last week. img_7912


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