Seeing as our next update is on the 15th of June (7pm) and it's now the 12th I thought I'd best post the update preview!

It's all Tempo 4ply, which is our superwash wool/nylon sock yarn. It knits up softly with good drape for shawls, but it's also incredibly hardwearing for socks and kids' clothes. I made my Boxy in it, and you can see a whole gallery of Tempo 4ply projects on the blog HERE.

There are quite a few Cottage Originals in this update, and dyelots are five or ten skeins. 

In no particular order... I will list each grid left to right and top to bottom:

Coppice (a bit more brown than usual), Briar Rose, Clematis, Rambling Rose, Apricot Tulip, Cottage Originals

Cottage Originals, Falling Leaves (darkish dyelot), Hedgerow, Larch, Dianthus, Faded Bloom

Wild Raspberry, Antique Rose, Misty Woods, Flowering Currant, Rosehip (a few of the skeins in this batch are a bit messy - apologies in advance), Sand

Rambling Rose, Harbour, Sand, Hosta, Whispering Grass, Robin Egg

Hibiscus, Pennine Mist, Apeldoorn Tulip (this replaces the colourway Dogwood), Driftwood, Echinops, Stone

Wistera, Cottage Original, Geum, Cottage Original, Charcoal, Grass (as in freshly mown grass - this replaces Lichen)

Marigold, Storm, Hedgerow, Oak, Cottage Original, Cottage Original

Campanula, Bark, Dusk, Cottage Original, Compost, and the same Cottage Original again (closeup)

So that's all of that. I'm not sure if these pics do justice to a lot of the colours, especially the cottage originals, as I struggled with the weather whilst I was trying to photograph the yarn. It was bright sunshine one minute and then cloudy and raining the next - and there's only so long I can wait for the right weather before I just have to make the best of it. One day I'll have a photography studio sort of area set up..!


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