The EYF hangover

Posted: March 27, 2017

The EYF hangover

I have to be honest: I’m still reeling from Edinburgh Yarn Festival at the weekend. I know it’s cliched but it was just so nice. There were so many different accents/languages being spoken and yet it felt like everyone was happily sharing this wonderful experience and so it didn’t matter that there might be a language barrier. In all the people we had through our stall we only had one person be rude – I think that’s a record, particularly given how insanely busy it was. If you’ve never been to EYF it is well worth travelling and queuing for...

Brioche.. Using Continental knitting & purling

Posted: August 10, 2016

A short while ago I posted an Instagram video of me working brioche. Why? Because I knit and purl using my left hand for the yarn, ie. Continental style, and I t's particularly well-suited to brioche leading to a very fluid and fast movement compared to working it with the yarn in my right hand. I really rate Continental knitting anyway, as it's far faster and better for avoiding RSI. It takes a bit of perseverance to transfer from British style knitting (ie 'throwing') to Continental style knitting (ie 'picking'), but it's very worthwhile, especially if it makes the difference...

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