Riverside Walks was a shawl pattern that was over a year in the making - my initial sample was made in Spring 2020. I knew I wanted to get it written up and out for testing but with house renovations going on the notebook it was in got packed away and I couldn't find it for ages afterwards. Once the notebook reappeared Laura and I got to the task of putting it into a template, getting to grips with charting software and getting it to a suitable stage for testing. 

This stage took so much longer than either of us could have imagined. Stitchmastery was a total blessing but learning how to use a new software always has a bit of a learning curve. What I thought was a simple lace pattern was actually a lot more complicated with changing numbers of repeats, increases and decreases at both edges and an asymmetric shape to the shawl.

It would be no exaggeration to say that the charts alone have taken at least a full week of work over the course of this.  

My original version: 

Lowther Lace in Riverside with Rosedale 4ply mini skein fade set in Ash

Riverside Walks by Victoria Magnus 

A massive thank you goes to our wonderful testers who did a fantastic job and helped us to iron out the kinks in the pattern.

Hannah Crook Waldock used Lowther Lace in Campanula with Keswick Fingering in Campanula. Isn't it lovely how the tweedy neps accentuate the lace sections. 😍 Perfect if sparkle isn't your thing!

Hannah Crook Waldock's Riverside Walks shawl

Hannah Crook Waldock's Riverside Walks shawl

Chris (Finnyknit on Ravelry) used Lowther Lace in Heliotrope and Nateby 4ply in the 2020 Flower Power Fund colourway - Herb Basket:

Chris's Riverside Walks shawl  Chris's Riverside Walks shawl


Ellen Penny used a skein of Nimu Kidsty from stash and self-dyed fingering for the lace section. The dark moody colours are luscious!

Ellen's Riverside Walks shawl
Ellen's Riverside Walks shawl
Have you made the Riverside Walks shawl? Would you like to share it on this page? Email us at info@edencottageyarns.co.uk with an image and the yarn used and we will add it.


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