I thought I'd show off my latest colour-block boxy jumper and give you some info about how it's made, and the yarns used. 

Before my recent foot surgery (in August 2021) we were in self-isolation for a few days (of course!) so I spent the time furiously preparing projects for when I got home. I knew I'd want simple things that I could just pick up, and I thought if I left a few things just ready to finish and sew up then it would create some easy wins for myself that would make me feel accomplished. It totally worked as well.

So I did lots of machine knitting - I actually ended up totally knackered and with my back killing me from it all 😆🙈 but it was worth it! I love doing mattress stitch, and with various RSI's in my hands/wrists/elbow etc I thought it would be wise to have the variety of knitting, crochet, and sewing up.

This is the first project I finished - it's one of my usual boxy sweaters where I use a skein of each colour and just make a plain baggy jumper. I love them and wear them loads; and it's such a great project for combining four or five (or more) colours and yarns.

Victoria in a boxy sweater that has five deep stripes, in various shades of turquoise, teal, and grey.

These are (top down): Askham 4ply (baby alpaca/silk); Pendle 4ply (superwash merino); Silverdale 4ply (sparkly superwash merino/nylon); Brimham High Twist (superwash merino/nylon); and more Silverdale 4ply.

The Askham 4ply at the top was a bit risky as it's a much finer yarn than the others and much more drapey. But with the three-needle bind off on the shoulders and the I-cord neckline I've just about got away with it. I should have put it at the bottom really, but never mind. I wanted it around my neck! It's really useful for me to do these yarn-combining projects as it means I can help and advise you with yours. The Brimham High Twist is also a bit different to the Pendle and Silverdale 4ply as it's more sturdy, but that one has fitted in perfectly fine.

Here are some stats and stuff for you:

  • Pattern - this is based on Boxy by Joji Locatelli, which is available off-Rav HERE: https://www.jojiknits.com/product-page/boxy
  • Edits - because this is machine knitted and I'm fussy there are some edits. Firstly, the garter stitch stripe sections (with the short row shaping) at the top of the jumper are just stocking stitch on mine; there's an I-cord neckline; there are I-cord sleeve bind-offs; and the bottom hem is a folded hem.
  • I hate necklines being too open so for this project I picked up around the neckline, knitted a few rows on 3mm needles, then a few rows (one with a few decreases in) on 2.5mm needles before doing the I-cord. This gently draws the neck in without creating puckering (been there, done that!). 
  • Machine knitters - for the stripes I work 46 rows per colour, and I'm on stitch size 8. I had to vary the tension for the yarns - the Brimham High Twist required a lower tension and the Askham 4ply required a higher tension. 
  • Hand knitting needle size was 3mm - I only used it for the I-cord bind-offs though. 


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