Further to my previous post about an old FO that I've only just got photos of, this post is about a much smaller FO which I did actually make this week... and I managed to get it finished and photographed by Friday..! 

For now - these are my Lambing Mitts. This is a pattern by Veronika Jobe for Tolt Yarn and Wool - it's on Ravelry HERE

I made these to test out a new yarn we're bringing out in a couple of weeks - Bowland Aran. We've had Bowland DK and Bowland 4ply (was BFL Sock) for years - they are two of my very earliest yarns - and they remain as popular as ever. I have found that the fibre (100% Bluefaced Leicester, superwash treated) varies from year to year - the fleeces seem to respond to environmental changes quite noticeably. But nonetheless these yarns remain soft, lustrous, glowing with colour, and wonderfully woolly all at the same time. Anyway, I just had to try the aran version, and I am as delighted with it as I'd hoped I would be.

I think because the yarn is thicker it allows the fibre to bloom a fair bit, so - particularly once the finished item is washed and blocked - you get a fabric that feels pretty woolly and yet is soft, quite glossy, and very squeezable/squidgy/squishy. The finished mitts feel very light and cosy to wear; I love them and have already worn them out dogwalking.

What I really love about the pattern is the fact that the garter stitch band at the top can be folded back over your hand or can be unfolded to cover your fingers - it's just really useful. I wish my photos could let you feel this yarn, and I feel they don't do it justice, so I hope you can get a sense of what it's like. 

Anyway, this yarn is coming to our webshop on the first of December - there'll be at least 20 colourways in the update, and there'll be 15 of our other lovely aran yarn in that update too but I'll tell you more about that in another blog post. :)


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