This blog post is designed as a useful resource for inspiration for a specific yarn. There are projects that use it, and patterns that call for it. It's so handy to have all this in one place! 

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. If they're only available on Ravelry we will say that, but not link to it. 

Askham 4ply is well known and loved as our mill dyed range that is no longer in production. As the stock came to an end we decided to try it as a hand dyed offering and see how you all like it! This yarn is fine, soft, snuggly and luxurious making it ideal for a wide range of projects, and creates a fabric which is light and soft, yet warm and hardwearing too. It has drape, but is still perfectly usable for colourwork, hats, other accessories, garments, and more - it does make a really special cardigan or shawl though. Pair it with beads for something really amazing, or dress it down for a practical and warm item. It works either way! 

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Askham 4ply and the second part shows you our projects using this yarn. This blog post will include both the earlier mill dyed Askham 4ply and the more recent hand dyed incarnation. Do you have a project in Askham 4ply that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!



For most of the designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.


Austrian Sampler Stole by Elizabeth Lovick - Air (hand dyed alternative Campanula)

From The Knitter Issue 106. Issues are available as print versions while stocks last and digital versions which can be found HERE

Austrain Sampler Stole by Elizabeth Lovick


Ursula by Tracey Todhunter - Yarrow / Damselfly (hand dyed alternatives Marigold / Harbour)

This beautiful lacy scarf was originally designed for Askham 4ply in two sizes both using less than 50g. The pattern has since been updated to reference other yarns.

Ursula by Tracey Todhunter 


Betty Carver by Tracey Todhunter - Blossom and Air (hand dyed alternatives Blossom and Campanula)

A stylish knitted coin purse which uses 10g yarn in total. A lovely accessory!

Betty Carver by Tracey Todhunter

Poppy Miller by Tracey Todhunter -   Crabapple and Air (hand dyed alternatives Brick/Appeldorn Tulip and Campanula)

A slightly larger knitted purse using 30g in total

Poppy Miller by Tracey Todhunter 


Rokeby mitts by Victoria Magnus - Walnut and Air (hand dyed alternatives Oak and Campanula)

These mitts are easy to customise with options for fingers or fingerless, plus the addition of a flip top to make mittens. Two colours required, minimum 50g of each.

Rokeby by Victoria Magnus


Hencliffe by Victoria Magnus - Blossom

A stylish lacy wrap using 150g (Askham 4ply mill dyed came in 50g balls) but you can continue the pattern to use up a second 100g skein of Askham 4ply hand dyed.

Hencliffe by Victoria Magnus


Serriform by David O'Kelly - Walnut (hand dyed alternative Oak)

A handy unisex hat with a textured stitch pattern providing interest. It uses less than 50g.

Serriform by David O'Kelly: Digital Download


Lacystorm Sweater by Tatsiana Matsiuk - Blossom

A beautiful lacy sweater with a boxy silhouette. The pattern is written for 7 sizes ranging from chest size 82 - 148 cm (32¼ - 58¼ in) with recommended positive ease of 10-20cm (4-8 in). You will need between three and five skeins for this pattern depending on size.

Lacystorm Sweater by ViTalina Craft 


Quatrefoil by Janina Kallio - Air (hand dyed alternative Campanula)

A classic shawl with clean lines and a delicate eyelet pattern. It uses 200g.

Quatrefoil by Janina Kallio 


Pleated Cardigan by Kat Goldin - Yarrow 

Beautifully structured airy cardigan initially designed for Jeanette Sloan yarn - her Olive colourway became our Yarrow colourway on the mill dyed Askham 4ply. The closest hand dyed shade would be Marigold or maybe Dandelion; or you could swap for Milburn 4ply in Harvest Gold. 

Pleated Cardigan by Kat Goldin 


Thornfield Collection by Jane Burns - Air (hand dyed alternative Campanula)

Stunning set of a hat, cowl and mitts, all featuring mesh lash, cables and beads. The patterns are available individually and together as a collection. The cowl at full length will make three cosy loops, but you could easily make it shorter. 

The Thornfield Collection by Jane Burns





Acer by Joanne Scrace - Walnut (hand dyed alternative Oak) plus leftover yarn for the stripes 

This shawl is designed for 420yds of 4ply/fingering weight yarn but is easily adjustable to use more yarn. This sample used four 50g balls with stripes of Milburn 4ply to add pops of colour.  

Acer by Joanne Scrace


Hut 8 by Joanne Scrace - Crocosmia

One of the designs in The Bletchley Collection which you can read about HERE. This cardigan was a firm favourite for a very long time and I wrote a blog post about it which you can read HERE.

Hut 8 by Joanne Scrace

Baudot by Joanne Scrace - Crocosmia

Another pattern from The Bletchley Collection. The pattern of this slouchy beanie includes morse code! It uses 100g of 4ply yarn and is only currently available in the print copy of the book or on Ravelry.

Baudot by Joanne Scrace

Nettle Tea by Joeli - Crocosmia

This shawl offers two shape options, a simple relaxing triangle and a more challenging trapezoid. Both can be made with 400m of 4ply yarn. 

 Nettle Tea by Joeli


Cavatina by Patricia Martin - Yarrow

This pattern is no longer available to purchase, very sadly, but it's still nice to see it! 

Cavatina by Patricia Martin 


Quadratic by David O'Kelly - Blossom 

This ECY classic is easily customised - this version has monochrome stripes. 

Quadratic by David O'Kelly


Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell - Walnut

A stylish tee with pretty lace detail on the front. 

Tiny Shoots by Kate Heppell


Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska - Yarrow with Milburn 4ply in Steel

Grellow gives a stylish twist to this classic pattern. This shawl uses 400m of each colour. 

Aisling by Lete's Knits 


Heart Deco by Louise Zass-Bangham - Crocosmia

This pattern was included in Louise's book Knit Play Colour. This design uses 100g of yarn but the book offers guidance for customising the design. The ebook is available on LoveCrafts. 

Heart Deco by Louise Zass-Bangham


I hope you've found this blog post useful and inspiring, and if you have anything to add please do let us know on the email address at the top. We love to see your makes!


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