Nearly two years ago (!) we announced that four shades of Milburn would be replaced. We are so excited to now announce that the final new shade is Azalea.

Azalea is a light, zingy pink with a hint of coral. You may be wondering about the choice of another pink to add to the palette but I feel like this is a proper pinky pink. Althaea is a much softer dusky pink and Bramble is a mid-tone purply pink so I think this fits really well in the middle of these shades. 

Milburn 4ply in Azalea

Here is how Azalea looks with other colours. For more combinations check out the Flickr album HERE

Tea Rose, Black Tulip, Bramble, Azalea, Dusk and Althaea.

Six balls of Milburn 4ply in a pyramid


Steel, Azalea and Charcoal

Three balls of Milburn 4ply in a pyramid


Natural, Azalea and Compost

 Three balls of Milburn 4ply in a pyramid


Hyssop, Azalea and Thyme

Three balls of Milburn 4ply in a pyramid


Estuary, Azalea, Rain and Steel

Four balls of Milburn 4ply  


For the time being we only have Azalea on Milburn 4ply but Milburn DK is in production and should be available by mid-October (2021 if you are reading this in the future!). 



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