We quite often get asked if Milburn DK is ok for garments - with being a lustrous and silky yarn I think people assume that it will be too heavy, or will drop, or not hold its shape. Or perhaps there's another reason that I've forgotten! Anyway, whatever the reason for the question, I can certainly answer it with a resounding yes. 😄

I've made a few, and I found that it didn't do anything unexpected. It didn't lose its shape or even particularly grow. I suppose if you blocked it hung up then yes the weight of the wool would pull it down, but you should be blocking garments flat really (unless you actually do want them to grow!). I tend to find that once you unpin things they always bounce back a bit, too. 

Of course, rather than just say it, I can also demonstrate. Here's a load of garments made (very successfully, that is!) using Milburn DK - do take a look! 

Maslow's Rainbow Top by Dora Does


Maslow's Rainbow by Dora

Victoria wearing a blue knitted sweater with a textured yoke pattern

Carbeth by Kate Davies - held double

Turbine by Justyna Lorkowska



Garment patterns written for Milburn DK

Bracken Top by Emma Vining for The Knitter

Published in Issue 177, this sleeveless top features twisted stitches, cables and long lines of rib inspired by tradtional cable patterns.

Bracken Top by Emma Vining

Point of View by Helen Kennedy

A simple sweater featuring a textured geometric yoke created using knit and purl stitches. 

Point of View by Helen Kennedy

Lace Jumper by Bronagh Miskelly for Simply Knitting

Pretty eyelet lace detail runs around the bottom of this sweater which also features a square neckline. This design was published in Issue 198.

Lace Jumper by Bronagh Miskelly

Cropped Catsweater by Marna Gilligan

One of the wonderful designs in the Cat Knits book available HERE

Cropped Catsweater by Marna Gilligan

Southern Pines Sweater by Michelle White

A top down sweater design using post stitches to create the pine tree detail in the yoke
Southern Pines Sweater by Michelle White

Bronte by Jacinta Bowie for Knitting

Published in Issue 192

Bronte by Jacinta Bowie

Patchwork Jacket by Claire Montgomerie for Inside Crochet

Published in Issue 155

A person wearing a patchwork jacket in geometric blocks of many different colours


Other lovely garment projects in Milburn DK

Anna's FriskyLeavesSweater by Jill Karina Bø - Rust

This sweater pattern is only available on Ravelry

A full length image of a person wearing a reddish brown swaeter with a lacy yoke. The person is also wearing a blue skirt with pockets and brown boots.




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