Pendle Sport is the same super soft and bouncy extrafine merino found in our other Pendle yarns. It is robustly structured but also has some drape (depending on the gauge it's used at), and is lovely and soft and smooth.

Our yarn testers found that as a sport weight yarn this can also be substituted in for 4ply/fingering weight yarns assuming you can make gauge. It has great stitch definition and works beautifully for cables.

The stats:

100% Superwash Extrafine Merino
3 - 5mm needles (US 2.5 - 8)
3 - 5mm hook
13 WPI
Ideally handwash but should also survive a gentle machine wash cycle; lay flat to dry

Talking of testing - here are the projects from our testing group and alongside them we've included all of their comments (there are no negative ones but if there were we'd have included them for your information too). 


Elizabeth's Emsworth by Isabell Kraemer - three skeins in colourway Rust 

"This is a very scrummy yarn. Such stitch definition. I’m almost spot on for the vest gauge and I 🥰🥰🥰🥰 how the ‘lace’ design is looking.
The drape on the 3.25mm is lovely but too loose for this vest.
I am deeply enamoured of this yarn and am planning which will be my next jumper when it’s released.
It’s blocked well - I could stretch it a little but don’t want to.
It frogged well as I went along. I found that if I frogged after it had settled a while I needed to rewind quite tightly to get kinks out."

A rust coloured vest hanging in front of a patchwork quilt. The vest has a panel of cable details down the centre front

Mari's hat inspired by the Newnham Hat by Joanne Scrace in colourways Pennine Mist & Echinops 

The brim of this hat uses the chevron detail from the pattern but the body of the hat is striped rather than following the fairisle design.

"The Pendle Is absolutely glorious to use and I love the silk feel & shimmering colours the sun brings to the yarn. I’m following Joanne’s pattern for the smaller size which fits my usual Medium size head as Joanne’s original pattern uses 4ply.
The yarn is fabulous and so soft.
Absolutely beautiful to work with. It’s been washed and the fibres blend better when it is - certainly the case with crochet anyway."

Mari's Newnham Hat

Johanna's Winterfell cardigan by Katrin Schneider - five skeins in colourway Larch

"I still adore this yarn... It's going to be great to wear. This yarn is SO lovely to knit with. Smooth, soft, bouncy... round? Is round a way to describe yarn? And not a split in sight.
My swatch using 4mm grew from 26sts/4" to 23.5, and the resulting fabric was very different in terms of drape. I didn't block it, just soaked and patted it flat."

Jo standing sideways on to the camera wearing a green knitted cardigan with diagonal textured stripes on the body

Rei's Soft Heart Sweater by Olga Putano - four skeins in colourway Driftwood and two skeins of Lowther Lace (fluffy yarn) in colourway Peat.

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing your beautiful yarn, and my friend was ecstatic when she received it [the sweater]."

A pink jumper with brown lace detailed yoke and waist hanging on a wall

Lisa's Dodge shawl by Wolf & Faun Knits in colourway Rambling Rose 

"The yarn is lovely, soft and squishy, as you would expect from 100% merino. It held together well, with no problems with splitting. Excellent stitch definition.
The finished shawl feels substantial, like it will hold up well under use, so I think it would be good for garments. I will definitely purchase."

Lisa's Dodge Shawl 

Liz's Cabernet Infinity Scarf by Monika Sirna in colourway Thunder 

"I love this yarn, it’s soft, squishy and has good stitch definition for lace and cables.
I saw someone else describe it as bouncy - which is how I’d describe it. Love the stitch definition and the high twist, it’s easy to knit with.
Some merino feels itchy to me but not this one".

Liz's Cabernet infinity scarf

Linda's Inclinations Cowl by Andrea Mowry in colourways Cottage Original (aka a one-off) and Driftwood 

"The wool is a delight to work with, unfortunately I did manage to split it a few times, less when I swapped to blunt needles.
The yarn is soft, squishy with great stitch definition, it is a joy to knit with and this cowl is unbelievably warm. 
Would I knit with it again - Oh yes
I did find that Driftwood was thinner than the Cottage Original, this didn’t have any impact on the final cowl, but might be the reason that I occasionally split the Cottage Original colour a few times."

[Victoria's note - the Driftwood being thinner before use is because it was dried hung vertically whereas the Cottage Original was dried laid flat. After washing they will both bloom again to the same thickness if they're dried in the same way]

Linda's Inclination Cowl

Sarah's assorted Little Cotton Rabbits clothing in colourway Pennine Mist 

"The beautiful Pendle Sport in Pennine Mist (a gorgeous denim blue) is the perfect weight for clothing for these little characters. It has a lovely softness but is firm enough to keep it’s shape and give great stitch definition."

Sarah's clothes for Little Cotton Rabbits

Britta's Qwist Hat by Melanie Berg in colourway Thunder

"Scrummy yarn"

A purple hat with interesting stitch pattern details, displayed on a glass head

Charlotte's Traveling Cable Hand Warmers by Purl Soho in colourway Echinops

"Look at the stitch definition on this beautiful #pendlesport! I'm in love!
I am so in love with this yarn and can't wait to knit with it again! 💕"

Charlotte's Traveling Cable Mitts

Sally's Forest Path Hap by Patricia Anne Fortune in colourway Thunder

"The pattern suggested 5mm needles which seems large for this yarn so the bottom section is using those. It felt wrong and although looks fine and will be drapey my hands were telling me it didn’t feel right! So the top half is with 4.5mm and feels so much better and still gives a drapey fabric." 

Sally's Forest Path Hap


Laura's Travelers Cowl by Makenzie Alvarez in colourway Rust

"I will definitely be using this yarn again as it's a pleasure to work with. It's not often that I don't want a project to end, but I could have knitted with this yarn forever. So pleased.... xx 🥰"

Laura's Travellers Cowl

We hope this helps you in making decisions about this yarn!  



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