As a small business we do like to support upcoming designers as well as more established designers but we are not able to accept all requests for yarn support due to cost, so we need to consider each one individually.
Yarn support requests will be considered from designers or commissioning publications. The more information we can be provided with upfront, the quicker we will be able to make a decision. Information that will assist with the decision making process includes:
  • Brief pattern/design description
  • Sketches, images and swatches
  • Quantity of yarn required
  • Yarn base requested (if known)
  • Anticipated timeline for pattern release
  • Where the design will be released/publicised (although we are keen to  support upcoming designers, wider distribution backed by a magazine/large following will be more appealing to us)
  • Website, social media, or blog link so we can see previous work

We appreciate that Ravelry is still a big platform for publishing patterns but since the website update in 2020 causing injury to people we cannot in good conscience promote it. We have customers who cannot use the site so it is a matter of accessibility and inclusion that we ask that patterns are published on other platforms either instead of or as well as Ravelry. There are some good ones to choose from - Payhip, LoveCrafts, and Etsy spring to mind for a start. It's also good to not have all your eggs in one basket - the more sales platforms you use the more sales you are likely to see. 

As a general courtesy please provide us with one month of notice that our yarn has been used before pattern release and share images with us so that we can include them across social media, in the newsletter and include the release on our Design Collaboration page. This is in your interest as well as our own as it means we can collaborate with you to achieve more pattern sales. 
How to submit a design collaboration proposal?
Please email us at info @edencottageyarns
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  • ECY - Admin

    Hi Jessica, thankyou so much for your comment – we will be in touch soon! ❤️

    Victoria on

  • Hi,

    My name is Jessica. I am a crochet designer based in Italy. I run a self-published pattern shop Jess’ Root Knots.

    I am currently working on a spring shirt pattern scheduled to release in March 2023. It’s a long tunic top which could be worn simply alone or for layering. It has a ribbed edging on the sides and a slight change of the stitch for the V shape on the chest. It is completely open on the side body, with 1 strap on each side to connect the front and the back on the waistline. And with the stitch arrangement on the main body part, I’d like to enhance the vertical shape of the cut.

    The design is calling for a fingering weight yarn, and I would love to have a chance to feature your beautiful product with my design. Considering the vision I have for the style, I imagine your “Keld Fingering” in color Sand, Bark, Whispering Grass, and Clay would have great effect on it. I can also imagine “Keswick Fingering in color Bog Myrtle” creating a different but interesting style with this design. (I am not looking for mixing colors, these are just the colors I think would work great individually.) And I am going to need 5 skeins (in total 500g) to complete the project.

    I have some sketches and a swatch already made to show the ideas. Please contact me via email if this sounds interesting for your company. I’d be happy to show you the work and discuss further details.

    Here is my instagram account in case you would like to check on my other works. @jess_rootKnots

    Thank you and have a nice day.

    Jessica on

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