Friday = #FOFriday except usually I finish stuff over the weekend and miss it, then don't get pics until at least the next weekend after that. 

So my question is: is it cheating if one of them is really old (I only just got pics)??!

Let me tell you about it: it's my Morse Code cardi/jacket (I think it looks more jacket-y), which took a very long time to crochet (about a year) and I made too small. Sigh. Although it's not the end of the world seeing as I have been shrinking over the past year, but still.. I can't really wear it yet. So I got Sparkles to model it - obviously it's big on her but you can see the general idea. 

It was quite a challenge for me to make this to be honest as I am a real novice when it comes to crochet - I enjoy it but I've only really done small things or large but very repetitive things (like Neat Ripple blankets). Obviously the body is repetitive, but there are things like shaping and y'know.. ends of rows to worry about. I had to put markers in all over the place but they did the job. 

The thing I struggled with the most was the sleeves - well the sleevecaps mostly. I found it really hard to judge where exactly the ends of the rows were; I was never really sure where I was meant to be putting my hook into. I figured as long as I was consistent and making it look relatively neat then it didn't matter too much. It worked out ok, but after realising I'd picked up too many stitches I then overcompensated by picking up fewer, then by the time I got the sleevecap done I had far too few stitches over all. I ripped back and re-did it but the sleeves did still come up small because I didn't pick up enough stitches. By that point though there was no way I was going back again! I did put in loads of markers for picking up the sleeve stitches, but somehow it just didn't work out. Never mind! 

I haven't put buttons on yet; I don't really know why. I really love my colour choice - it's simple, understated, and I think looks classy. The yarn I used was Milburn 4ply in Steel (MC) and Natural (CC). It's a great yarn for a really wide range of projects - that's why we love it so much and keep expanding the range - and it worked reall well for this. It's solid enough to hold its shape but fine and soft enough to wear next to the skin and not be too bulky. I am pleased with it - I just need to shrink a bit more to wear it!



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