It occurred to us that it might be really useful to have an ECY way to¬†browse patterns and projects made using specific yarns, for inspiration and ideas. It's one of those things where once you think of it it seems blatantly obvious ūüôąūü§£¬†

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. 

Bowland DK truly is an ECY favourite - it's super-soft, smooth, and silky. It's ideal for such a wide range of knitting/crochet projects - being machine washable plus next-to-skin soft means it's perfect for babies and adults alike. It does grow when you wash and block it, and has a gorgeous silky drape.

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Bowland DK and the second part shows you our projects using this yarn. Do you have a project in Bowland DK that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!



For designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.


Hatchmere hat and mitts by Hanna Gough - Dianthus

This hat and mitts set uses 2 skeins of yarn. The pattern for the mitts is written in two sizes to fit hand circumferences of 20cm / 8in and 23cm / 9in with a finished unstretched size of 18cm / 7in wide and 23cm / 9in long. The hat pattern is written in three sizes, Small, Medium and Large to fit head sizes of 54cm / 21in, 58cm / 22.5in and 62cm / 24in respectively.

A pink hat and mitts set resting on a wooden bench.


Hatchmere Cowl by Hanna Gough - Dianthus

A single skein cowl featuring simple cable stitches. Finished dimensions after blocking are 20cm (8in) deep and 28cm (11") wide.

A pink cowl lying flat on a table. The cowl features blocks of textured stitches


Queen Bee by Dani Sunshine - Copper Bucket

This sweater is worked seamlessly from the top down. The yoke is worked back and forth with raglan increases. The fronts are then joined and the sleeves and body are worked in the round. Hems and neckline are finished with garter stitch. Instructions are given for seven sizes, from XS to 3XL, to fit chest sizes 31 to 51 inches / 78.5 to 129.5 cm. Choose a size with approximately 0-2 inches / 0-5 cm of positive ease. You will need between 850 and 1450 yards of DK weight yarn.

Queen Bee by Dani Sunshine


Diamante Shawl by Apoorva Designs - Millpond, with Milburn DK in Rain

An asymmetric, triangular garter and lace shawl that‚Äôs knit on the bias with a panel of diamond lattice lace pattern in a contrast colour. The finished shawl is¬†64‚ÄĚ wide x 38‚ÄĚ deep (162 cm x 96 cm) but can be easily customised by working more/less garter rows.¬†The lace pattern is both written and charted. You will need 2 skeins of Bowland DK¬†for the main colour and half a skein for the contrast colour (or one ball of¬†Milburn DK).

Image © Edsger Studio for Knotions Magazine

Diamante Shawl by Jaya


Avena mittens by Nostalgiknit - Red Kite

Long and comfy mittens featuring a twisted rib band and a simple, yet decorative cable pattern down the back of the hand. This is a single skein project best suited to semi-solid colours.  

Aveena Mittens by Nostalgiknit


Math of Love Triangles by Jacki Badger - Tide, with another 4ply yarn

Using four skeins of DK yarn, three main colour and one contrast colour, this is a very large shawl. It combines garter stitch with sections of simple textures and the increases are all on the one side. The pattern is both written and charted.

Math of Love Triangles shawl by Jacki Badger


Brioche Chain hat by Katrin Schubert - Coal and Ash

This pattern is only available on Ravelry but other designs of Katrin's can be found on LoveCrafts. You will need 110m of each colour.

Brioche Chain Hat by Katrin Schubert


Pygmalion by Sue Gleave - Stonechat and Whispering Grass 

Published in Issue 85 of Knit Now, this shawl is worked from the top down. The design features a reverse stocking stitch eyelet pattern and turned stitched in the accent rows. You will need two skeins of the main colour and one skein of the contrast colour. The pattern uses the full amount of the main colour. 

Pygmalion by Sue Gleave


Woodville by Sarah Alderson - Silver Birch and Dark Oak

We have printed copies of this set on the website. A stylish colourwork set with  geometric pattern inspired by Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV of England. You will need one skein of each colour to make both items.

Woodville Tam


Summer Fog by Lori Versace - Coppice

Ideal for layering, this vest features classic lines and a simple texture. The pattern is written in seven sizes from XS to 3X, to fit chest sizes between¬†35 ¬ĺ and¬†60 ¬Ĺ inches (91 to 153.5cm) with approximately¬†6in/15cm positive ease when buttoned. You will need between 725 and 1275m yarn depending on the size required.

Summer Fog by Lori Versaci 


Spring Dawn Cowl by Su Sayer - Copper Bucket

This cowl is designed to use as much of a single skein of DK yarn as possible. The design uses a provisional cast on the ends are joined with kitchener stitch meaning the cowl is worked flat and is also seamless. The pattern is created with a dropped stitch pattern with written and charted instructions. 

Spring Dawn Cowl by Su Sayer 


Alina hat by Nostalgiknit - Rambling Rose

A¬†simple stockinette hat with a row of cable-work. The pattern is written for two sizes, M and L, to fit an average head circumference of 20¬Ĺ-24 inches / 52-61cm. Both sizes can be made using a single skein of DK yarn.

Alina Hat by Nostalgiknit


Mabel's Sister by Fiona Alice - Stonechat and Charcoal

This cardigan is knit from the top down with increases through the yoke. The body then divides and stitches for the sleeves are placed on hold before continuing to work downwards to the hem. Finally, the sleeves are completed in the round from the top down. The pattern is written for six sizes giving a finished bust size of¬†101.5 to 154.5cm / 40 to 60 3‚ĀĄ4in ‚Äď to be worn with 20.5 to 35.5cm / 8 to 14in positive ease. The smallest size uses 2 skeins of Stonechat and 3 skeins of Charcoal. The largest size uses 3 skeins of Stonechat and 5 skeins of Charcoal.

Mabel's Sister by Fiona Alice


Brigantia by Victoria Magnus - Steel and Falling Leaves

Beautiful¬†mittens featuring colour work cables. The thick fabric makes them lovely and warm. They an also be worked as fingerless mitts if you prefer.¬†You will need one skein each of your two chosen colours. The pattern is written in two sizes,¬†21 (23) cm / 8.25 (9)" hand circumference¬†25.5 (30)cm / 10 (11.75)‚ÄĚ full length,¬†11.5 (14)cm / 4.5 (5.5)‚ÄĚ hand length (from V of thumb to fingertips).

Brigantia by Victoria Magnus


Pretty Little Plie by Veera Välimäki - Dianthus

A simple flattering cardigan with minimal details. The pattern is written for seven sizes with finished chest circumferences 32 to¬†56‚ÄĚ / (80 to 140 cm) to be worn with approximately 1¬†to 2‚ÄĚ (3¬†to 5 cm) of positive ease. You will need approximately 990 to 1720 m of DK weight yarn depending on the size required. This pattern is only available on Ravelry.¬†

Pretty Little Plie by Veera Välimäki


Egremont Russet by Louleigh -  Red Kite

Part of the Socks from the Allotment collection. These socks feature a simple budding stitch pattern up the side of the foot and the rest is plain knitting. They are worked toe up, with a gusset and short-row heel. The pattern is written in six sizes which are approximately UK sizes 3 - 11 and uses up to 150g of DK yarn.

Egremont Russet socks by Louleigh


Sunday Best Vest by Sophie McKane - Coppice and Falling Leaves

The vest is knit sideways in one piece starting at the hem under the¬†right underarm. The armholes and v-neck are shaped as you go and the final seam is grafted to the cast on edge. An applied i-cord is worked around all edges. The pattern is written for five sizes from¬†3m to 24m, to fit chest sizes 16‚ÄĚ to 21‚Ä̬†with 0.5‚ÄĚ-0.75‚ÄĚ ease. One skein of each colour is enough for all sizes but the total amount of contrast colour required is 25 to 35 yards, perfect for stashbusting.¬†¬†

Sunday Best Vest by Sophie McKane


Lace Chain Hat by ViTalina Craft - Fresh Leaves 

Knitted in the round on circular needles, this pattern is written for both children and adults. Instructions include a chart of the lace and a phoo tutorial for the bobbles. The hat will fit head circumferences from 44 to 58cm (19 to 23in) and regardless of size you will only need one 100g skein.

Lacy Chain Hat by ViTalina Craft


Pilkington by Karen Burnett - Carnelian (colour discontinued)

This is a top down seamless knit, the body is knitted in one piece and the band is picked up all the way round then you knit the cabled pattern. The pattern is written for a range of sizes using between 749 and 1124m of DK yarn.

Pilkington by Karen Burnett 


Bruce by Victoria Magnus - various

A quick, fun project that is idea for stashbusting. Instructions are included for making Bruce as a dog, cat and rabbit but you can personalise further with a bit of imagination. Each finished Bruce is 7cm tall, 6.5cm wide and 16.5cm in diameter. You need 10g in total for each one, 8g for the body and 1g for each ear. 

Bruce by Victoria Magnus


Nigella Lace Cardigan by Anne B Hanssen - Oak 

The cardigan is worked top-down and is completely seamless. The circular yoke uses the Nigella lace-pattern, then short rows and raglan increases add shaping. There are lace details around the bottom edge and the ends of the sleeves. The pattern is written in ten sizes from 32 to 48‚ÄĚ. You will need between¬†896 and 1568 m. This pattern is only available on Ravelry.¬†

Nigella Lace Cardigan



Webby by Nostalgiknit - Cedar 

An easy one skein project giving a slouchy beanie with a simple ridge pattern. 

Webby by Nostagiknit


Noisette Cardigan by Along avec Anna - Wild Raspberry

This cardigan has a bottom-up construction, with popcorn stitch details on the body. The sleeves are knitted in the round and attached to the body to shape the neckline before finishing with an I-cord edging. The pattern is written for ages 3 months to 8 years old and uses between 280m and 600m depending on size. This pattern is only available on Ravelry. 

Noisette cardigan by Anna Dervout 


Oakenclough by Victoria Magnus - Copper Bucket

Lace fingerless mitts which are quick to make. The lace in this pattern is both written and charted. The pattern is written for three sizes; Small, Medium and Large. The finished circumferences range from 16.5 to 19cm (6.5 to 7.5in) to fit hand circumferences 22 to 24cm (8.75 to 9.5in) and measure 18 to 21cm (7 to 8.25in) long. 

Oakenclough by Victoria Magnus


Brassard Sweater by ViTalina Craft - Fresh Leaves

This design features round neck, side splits and long sleeves with dropped shoulders. The front and back sections are knitted separately. The pattern is written in nine sizes from XS to 5XL to fit chest sizes between¬†82 and 171 cm / 32¬ľ and 67¬ľ‚ÄĚ. Length to shoulder ranges from 51 to 64 cm / 20 to 25¬ľ‚ÄĚ.¬†The sweater is knitted with 10-16 cm /4-8‚ÄĚ positive ease. You will need between 4 and 10 skeins.Brassard Sweater by ViTalina Craft


The Walk Together Shawl by Apoorva Designs - Silver Birch and Faded Bloom 

A deep crescent shawl with a fuchsia leaf lace border attached as a knitted on border. The shawl is knit top down beginning with a garter tab, followed by a stockinette section with strategically placed yarnover, kyok and lifted increases providing shaping. You will need one skein each of the two chosen colours.

The Walk Together Shawl by Jaya


Little Heartwarmer by Anne B Hanssen - Oak

A baby cardigan featuring an assymetric buttin band and two stripe patterns. The pattern is written in four sizes: newborn, 3 months, 6-9 months, 12-18 months and you will need 280/320/350/400 yards of DK yarn. This pattern is only available on Ravelry.

Little Heartwarmer by Anne B Hanssen


Flitcha by Brian Smith - Moss

An intricately patterned cowl that really highlights a semi-solid colourway. The texture is created using two brioche stitch patterns side by side. You will need two skeins of DK yarn.

Flitcha by Brian Smith


Small Point Pullover by Amy Herzog - Pennine Mist and Steel

Constructed in one piece, from front hem to back hem, this sweater is somewhere between a drop-shoulder sweater and a dolman. The armholes are generous but not too large giving a relaxed feeling to the garment. A quick knit that can be made in a single colour or add in stripes of colour. The pattern is written in 12 sizes and you will need between 5 and 8 skeins for a single colour version. For a striped version as shown you will need between 3 and 4 skeins of each colour. Choose a size with 2 - 4in ease for the best fit.

Small Point Pullover by Amy Herzog


Outlined by SuviKnits - Night Sky and Lichen

A lovely boxy sweater with a decorative Vikkel Braid edging accentuating the seams. It is written for 44 - 62‚ÄĚ (112 - 157 cm) bust circumference, to fit sizes 32 - 50" (81 - 127 cm) and uses¬†940 - 1300 yards (860 - 1189 m). This pattern is only available on Ravelry.

Outlined by Suvi Simola




Pepper by Anna Elliott - Red Goosefoot

A single skein project which is quick to knit. The pattern consists of mini cables which are easy to remember with no need for a cable needle. Part of the Mint Collection, which also includes Kendal Mint and After Eight, this pattern is written for three sizes, Small, Medium and Large. Finished circumference is 32.5 to 37.5cm (12.75 to 15in), to fit 50 to 61cm (20 to 24in). The length is 20 to 28cm (7.5 to 11in) from brim to crown.

Pepper by Anna Elliott


Alderman by Victoria Magnus - Slate

Cosy mitts with thick cables and a picot cuff. The pattern is one-size, 18cm (7.25in) length, 18cm (7.25in) circumference to fit hand circumference of¬†approximately 16-20cm (6.25‚Äď8in). You will need one 100g skein for these mitts.¬†

Alderman by Victoria Magnus


Hetton by Tracey Todhunter - Algae

A large elegant scarf with an optional rosette The finished scarf measures 150cm (59in) long x 32cm (12.5in) wide and requires two 100g skeins.

Hetton by Traecy Todhunter


Mini Manu by Kate Davies - Bluebell

Pleated yoke cardigan with wee pockets and icord edging. This pattern is written for ages 6 month to 9 years and uses 380 to 1150 yards of DK yarn. This pattern is only available on Ravelry.

Mini Manu by Kate Davies


Bothel by Tracey Todhunter - Woodpile

A versatile hat with subtle yet simple stitch patterning. It can be made as either a beanie or slouchy fit and has an optional bobble or loop. The pattern is written in three sizes; small, medium and large. The finished circumference after blocking is between 50 and 56cm (19.5 and 22in) and the length is between 21 and 24cm (8.5 and 9.5in). You will need one 100g skein.  

Bothel by Tracey Todhunter 


Pilkington by Karen Burnett - Driftwood

See above for links.

Pilkington by Karen Burnett


Acorn by Anna Elliott - Chestnut

Part of the Nature Collection, this hat features cables and textures. You will need 150g DK yarn to make both the hat and the matching mitts. The hat is written is three sizes; Small, Medium and Large. The hat will fit head circumferences between 54 and 62cm (21 and 24.5in). The actual circumference of the hat is between 40 and 48cm (15.75 and 19in).

Acorn by Anna Elliott 


Flora by Anna Elliott - Copper Bucket, Steel and Charcoal

Part of the Nature Collection, this beret features colourwork. This pattern uses three colours, you will need 100g of one colour and 50g of the other two colours to make both the beret and the matching mitts. This pattern is one size. The actual circumference of the hat is 38cm, to fit head circumference 55 to 59 cm (21.5 to 23.25in).

Flora by Anna Elliott


Ambleside by Victoria Magnus - Oak

This shawl is an easy knit, worked from the top down. The finished size is 152cm x 70cm¬†(60‚ÄĚ x 27.5‚ÄĚ)¬†and uses two skeins of DK yarn.¬†

Ambleside by Victoria Magnus


Rikke hat by Sarah Young - Fuchsia

A one size, one skein project. Simple yet effective! This is a free pattern.

Rikke hat


Neat Ripple Blanket by Lucy of Attic24 - Wisteria, Silver Birch, Bluebell and Natural

This is a free pattern on the Attic24 website. It is easily adjustable to the colours, quantities and size you require. This blanket used four skeins and measures two feet by three feet. 

Neat Ripple Blanket by Attic24


Brigantia by Victoria Magus - Slate and Silver Birch

See details above.

Brigantia by Victoria Magnus


The Alexandria Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio - Fresh Leaves

This cardigan is worked flat in one piece to the armholes, the back and fronts are then worked separately and joined at the shoulders. Sleeves are then worked from the armhole down. The pattern is written in seven sizes, with bust circumferences¬†32¬Ĺ to 52¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ.
Alexandria by Connie Chang Chinchio


Castle Mitts by Victoria Magnus - Rust and Pennine Mist

Fun colourwork mitts which can be made with 50g each of two colours. This pattern in one size with a finished circumference of 18cm / 7in, finished length of 20cm / 8in, to fit hand circumference of approximately 18-22cm / 7-8.5in. 

Castle Mitts by Victoria Magnus


Chromium by David O'Kelly - Coal and Steel with Moss in a discontinued DK yarn

This was an original sample for the Chromium scarf which has been reissued as a much larger wrap. It required most of two 100g skeins for the main colours and approximately 15g of the contrast colour.  

Chromium by David O'Kelly


Chromium by David O'Kelly - Buddleja, Stone and Blossom

As above 

Chromium by David O'Kelly


Bariff and Terrier by Patricia Martin - Hazel

This pattern was published in Issue 41 of Knit Now. This is a one skein project, worked in the round and written for sizes from baby to adult.

Bariff and Terrier by Patricia Martin


Vodka Lemonade by Thea Colman -  Steel

This sweater features seed stitch and lace details¬†to give a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The pattern is written in 11 sizes ranging from¬†32 to 52‚ÄĚ (81.25 to 132)cm around bust. Positive ease is included in the sizing so you will choose your bust size. Yarn requirments for this pattern range from¬†775¬†to 1325m (850 to 1450yds).

Vodka Lemonade by Baby Cocktails


Webby by Nostalgiknit - Wild Raspberry

See above for details

Webby by Nostalgiknit


Embleton by Tracey Todhunter - Benbenula with Hyssop

A simple, cosy, crochet cowl which perfectly shows off the yarn. The design is easy to modify, with stripes, different sizing, or a ruffled edging. The cowl uses one 100g skein for a single colour version. The finished circumference after blocking is 67cm (26.5in), the height without edging is 18cm (7in). This sample uses an improvised shell stitch edging.

Embleton by Tracey Todhunter 


Earby by David O'Kelly - Pennine Mist and Rust

Written for two yarn weights, DK and Chunky, this simple garter stitch scarf is great for beginners. It uses two 100g skeins of DK yarn, one each of your chosen colours. 

Earby by David O'Kelly 


Porom by Jared Flood - Periwinkle

You will need approximately 190 yards of DK weight yarn. Finished dimensions are¬†18‚Ä≥ circumference at brim, 9¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ height, blocked and it is to fit head sizes¬†21-24‚Ä≥.¬†

Porom by Jared Flood 



I hope that's been helpful and inspiring! If you have any projects that you'd like to see featured here please send your high-res photos and info to us at the email address at the top. ūüėć



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