This blog post is designed as a useful resource for inspiration for Nateby 4ply. There are projects that use it, and patterns that call for it. It's so handy to have all this in one place! 

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. If they're only available on Ravelry we will say that, but not link to it. 

Nateby 4ply is a luxurious blend of superwash merino giving softness, nylon for durability and a strand of silver lurex large enough to sparkle without being scratchy. It's got a bit of squidge to it, as well as drape, so it's ideal for everything from socks to garments. Our colourways on this yarn tend to be more noticeably semi-solid or a little variegated compared to most of our other bases due to the way it takes dye; we think this is a lovely part of its charm.

Blue-green yarn with silver sparkle

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Nateby 4ply and the second part shows you our projects using this yarn. Do you have a project in Nateby 4ply that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!



For most of the designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.


Rainbow Smiles by Dora Does - colourway: Rainbow mini skein bundle, plus Pendle 4ply in Ash

A top down raglan crochet sweater with a simple chevron yoke detail. The pattern is written from sizes XS to 3X to fit bust sizes 74 to 134cm. It uses one set of rainbow mini skeins for the colour detail and between 830 and 1500m of the main colour depending on the size required. 

Rainbow Smiles by Dora Does 


Cheeky Rainbows by Dora Does - colourwayRainbow mini skein bundle, plus Pendle 4ply in Ash

The kids version of the Rainbow smiles sweater above. Also a top down crochet raglan sweater with a sparkly rainbow chevron. The sweater is written in six sizes from ages 2 -12 years to fit chest sizes 52 - 77cm. You will need one rainbow mini skein set and between 400 and 850m of the main colour depending on the size required.  

Cheeky Rainbows by Dora Does


Daphne Shawl by Hanna Gough - colourway: Thunder plus a mini skein in another 4ply yarn 

A semi-circular shawl worked from from the centre point outwards in sections of simple alternating stitches to create solid blocks and lace blocks. You will need two 100g skeins and a mini skein in a contrasting colour for the picot edging.   

Daphne Shawl by Hanna Gough


Arlet Socks by Tatsiana Matsiuk - Foggy Morning

Pretty socks with cable detailing along the top of the foot and up the leg. The pattern is written in 2 sizes with leg lengths of 12 - 13 cm (8¾ - 5⅛ inches) and ankle circumference of 20 - 22 cm (7⅞ - 8¾ inches) with adjustable foot length.

A pair of feet resting on a vertical wooden pillar. The feet are in cream coloured socks with pink splashes which have cable detailing along the top of the foot and the front of the leg


Field of Blooms by Michael Harrigan -  Nateby 4ply in Hedgerow, with Hayton 4ply in Cosmos Flowerbed

A triangular shawl worked in alternating sections of stockinette stitch using the variegated skein and an eyelet lace flower pattern in the semi-solid colour. This shawl uses approximately half of each 100g skein. 

Field of Blooms by Michael Harrigan 


Lace and Sparkles by Michael Harrigan - colourway: Hedgerow

Made using the second half of the skein of Nateby 4ply (~50g/200m) from the previous design, this scarf features a decorative eyelet lace design.

Lace and Sparkles by Michael Harrigan 


Scallop Evening Top by Rhian Drinkwater - colourway: Rust

Published in Inside Crochet Issue 142 which is available HERE. This elegant strappy top is written for seven sizes and uses between two and three skeins.

Scallop Evening Top by Rhian Drinkwater for Inside Crochet


Diamond Delight Scarf by Apoorva Designs - colourway: Harbour

A single skein lace scarf featuring diamond mesh lace sections, chevron lace sections and stockinette sections. The image is used courtesy of Kellie Nuss and Knotions Magazine

Diamond Delight by Jaya


Primrose Hill Cardigan by Sophie McKane - exclusive Potting Shed colourway

A seamless, top-down cardigan with a simple no-cable motif. The pattern is written in five sizes for ages 3 to 24 months to fit chest sizes of 21 - 26" (41-51cm) with positive ease detailed in the pattern. Up to age 12m you will only need one skein, for the two largest sizes a second skein will be needed. 

Primrose Hill by Sophie McKane


Laverton by Victoria Magnus - colourway: Linen (mini skein - used for the stripes and edging), plus the main yarns are Eldwick Lace in Silver Birch held double with Carlisle Fingering in Little Owl 

A long crescent shawl featuring stripes of a sparkly contrast and a picot edging. We have a blog posts suggesting alternative colour combinations HERE. You will need one 100g skein of Carlisle Fingering, one 50g skein of Eldwick Lace and one 20g mini skein of Nateby 4ply. 

 Laverton Shawl by Victoria Magnus


Metropolis Scarf by Tracey Todhunter - colourways Larkspur and Steel

This scarf is made in two sections, starting from the centre and working in shell stitch down one side. The second section is started by joining to the foundation chain of the first section. You will need one skein each of two colours.

Metropolis wrap by Tracey Todhunter 



Melissa Wrap by Jo Allport - colourways: Carnations and Wild Raspberry

This pattern is only available on Ravelry or in Issue 182 of Knitting magazine which is available HERE. You will need one skein of each colour for this design. 

Melissa by Jo Allport


Beatrix Bookmark by Kay F Jones - colourway: Natural

This pattern was only available as a bonus pattern included in the pre-order for the Miss Potter Sock Club 2. You will only need 10g and so could get two bookmarks from a mini skein.  

 Beatrix Bookmark by Kay Jones



Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook - colourway: Festive Fun 

The pattern is written for a single skein but is easily adjusted to be larger, you just carry on working until you are happy with the length. Lovely and simple, this pattern has a simple two row repeat which is easily remembered. This sample used two skeins.

Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook


Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook - colourway: Ash to Rambling Rose mini skein fade set

See above for the pattern link. This is a 100g version using a mini skein fade set and shows how versatile the pattern is. Louise has also included instructions for how to add stripes.  

Fuss Free Festival Shawl by Louise Tilbrook


Scael Gra by Ailbiona McLochlainn - colourway: Stonecrop

Worked seamlessly from the top down, this top has several shapingand sleeve options and extras. It has a lace yoke which is echoed on the ends of the sleeves. For an A-line bodice with 3/4 sleeves you will need between 3 and 5 skeins. The pattern is written in ten sizes with finished chest circumferences from 86cm to 155cm (34.5” to 62”). This pattern is only available on Ravelry but Ailbiona will send patterns directly if you contact her. 

Sceal Gra by Albiona McLauchlainn


This is a favourite pattern of ours. It is quick and effective and the sparkle makes it really special. It uses simple crochet stitches and minimal construction. 
Itty Bitty Bat by Lucy Ravenscar


Skimming Stones by Joanne Scrace - colourways: Tarn, Harbour, Charcoal with Carlisle in Steel and a sparkly 4ply yarn

The shawl is inspired by stones skimming across a lake and was our popular Summer 2018 Mystery Crochet a-long shawl. 

Skimming Stones by Joanne Scrace


Open Grid Sweater by Claire Montgomerie - colourways: Steel and Millpond with Milburn 4ply in Night Sky, Rain, Estuary, Steel and Charcoal

This stunning ombré design uses a simple openwork pattern for a striking finished effect. There are yarn packs for this design on our website - simply select the five colours you want to use and the size you are planning to make. The pattern is written in five sizes to fit bust sizes from 81 to 127cm (31 to 50in). This pattern was first published in Inside Crochet Issue 122. For more information click HERE for the Inside Crochet website or HERE to order a copy.

Open Grid Sweater by Claire Montgomery


Rosewater by Janina Kallio - colourway: Foggy Morning

A single skein shawl that combines dropped stitches, eyelets and fishnet lace. 

Rosewater by Janina Kallio


Tunny by Joanne Scrace - colourways: Tarn, Harbour, Charcoal with Carlisle in Steel and a sparkly 4ply yarn

This pattern is part of the Bletchley Collection which you can find HERE. Digital downloads of the pattern are also available on LoveCrafts. This is a simple crochet hat that uses less than 50g of each colour if using three colours. In this sample each band of shells used 7g of yarn but the hat was larger than intended.  

Tunny by Joanne Scrace


Cloud Cowl by Victoria Magnus -  Festive Fun with one 4ply Yarnling

A versatile cowl pattern that has options for many different yarn weights. There are two 4ply/fingering weight options, the first is made with 24 Yarnlings and the second is made with one skein of 4ply/fingering weight yarn. The finished dimensions of the single skein version are 50cm (19.75 inches) circumference x 37cm (14.5 inches) height.   

Victoria wearing a crochet cluster cowl in variegated cream, green and red yarn with a red edging. The yarn has silver sparkle running through it


Fuss Free Beanie by Louise Tilbrook - colourways: Pumpkin Chai Latte with Keld Fingering in Charcoal 

This pattern is written for any two 4ply/fingering weight yarns held together giving a fabulous marled effect. It makes a lovely lightweight but super-useful hat and I've made several of them now. This is a free pattern!  

Fuss Free Beanie by Louise Tilbrook


The PPS (Pattern Please Shawl) by Louise Tilbrook - colourway: Rust to Black Tulip mini skein fade set (for the stripes) with Bowland 4ply in Dahlia

A simple, garter stitch, kite-shaped shawl combining a main colour and a number of mini skeins. There are two sizes in this pattern, the small version uses 60g of the main colour and 5 x 10g mini skeins and gives a shawl 70" long and 12" wide/deep. The larger version uses 2 x 100g skeins and gives a shawl 90” long and 18” wide. Victoria substituted the second 100g skein for a five mini skein fade set.

Pattern Please Shawl by Louise Tilbrook


Harfang Mitts by Joanne Scrace - colourway: Cottage Original (OOAK) with another sparkly 4ply yarn

Included in the Everyday Wearables book available HERE, this pattern gives a striped pattern by alternating colourways. The cable pattern is straightforward but effective. The pattern is written in three sizes to fit palm circumferences between 17 and 22cm (7 and 9in). Laura used 25g of the darker yarn and 15g of the lighter colour for her pair.

Harfang Mitts by Joanne Scrace


Laverton by Victoria Magnus - colourway: Midnight with Coniston Fingering in Riverside

See previous Laverton entry for details. This sample was knit by Alison for us to see how the pattern worked with Coniston Fingering in place of holding Carlisle Fingering double with Eldwick Lace.

Laverton by Victoria Magnus 


Sparkly cowl - colourways Carnations and Millpond

 A really simple machine knit in the round with a plain rib edging. 

Machine knit cowl in vareigated cream yarn


Chris's Riverside Walks by Victoria Magnus - exclusive colourway, with Lowther Lace in Heliotrope

This pattern combines a fluffy laceweight yarn for the plain body sections and a rippling lace pattern in a sparkly mini skein fade set. Chris chose to use a 100g skein in place of the set of mini skeins and this worked really well! You will need two 50g skeins of Lowther Lace for this project which creates a shawl 277cm wide by 60cm deep (109in by 23.5in).

Riverside Walks by Victoria Magnus

Mitten Ornament by Jared Flood - colourway: Festive Fun

This pattern works with any yarn weight. One mitten uses 13m (14yds) of fingering weight. The reverse of the mitt is plain and can be embroidered on to add personalisation.

Mitten Ornament by Jared Flood


Mini Pumpkin Garland by Kate Eastwood - colourways: Pumpkin Chai Latte and Larch

A very simple crochet pattern using very small quanitites of yarn. 

Pumpkins by JustPootling


Cassian's sparkly hand warmers - colourways: Falling Leaves, Natural, Mulled Wine and Charcoal

Cassian makes these gorgeous handwarmers in various LGBTQIA+ flag combinations. You can find them for sale HERE

Cassian's handwarmers


I hope you've found this blog post useful and inspiring, and if you have anything to add please do let us know on the email address at the top. We love to see your makes!




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