ECY Glossary of commonly used yarn craft terms

Posted: June 12, 2019

Do you ever see anything on the website and wonder what it means? Well you need wonder no longer!!  Cottage Original - This is our name for OOAK dyelots. They tend to be experimental and if they work out well they may become regular named colourways.* FO - Finished Object. This refers to any finished project (knit, crochet or other). eg "Now that I have one FO I can start a new project!" Frog - This term refers to when you have to undo a large amount of progress on a project. You rip-it ("ribbit") back and so you frog it! ...

Do you have any colour combination advice?

Posted: February 06, 2018

Do you have any colour combination advice?

I do! Well, sort of. Firstly, I'll just say now - we don't have colour cards for the hand dyed shades, for a few reasons, which I've explained HERE. However... what I do have is a Flickr album full of colour combination ideas for Milburn 4ply (and soon DK). Now that there are 20 colours and they're dyed in larger batches, and are so consistent, it means that I can show you colours that go together in the confidence that we will actually have them in stock.  To look at that, click/tap HERE. I do add to this now and...

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