Friday's update has a bit of a BFL theme to it, with two different superwash British Bluefaced Leicester yarns. It goes live at 8pm on Friday the 30th so set your alarms!

So the first yarn is Harewood 4ply - this is a high twist yarn as you can see from the texture; it's slightly woolly but has good stitch definition and drape.

It's one of the yarns used in Justyna Lorkowska (aka Lete's Knits)'s Holyrood shawl - this was our second Edinburgh Yarn Festival shawl collaboration. If you look on the Ravelry pattern page HERE the top photo shows the shawl knitted up in this yarn.

I made my Holyrood shawl in Harewood 4ply too, in Hedgerow and Mellifer. There are lots of colour combinations you could go for though, and you can use different yarns alongside this one, such as Bowland 4ply (more on that in the next post) and Milburn 4ply. We do have Holyrood patterns in stock HERE and the add-on kits (so you can choose your own yarn and we'll make it up into a kit) HERE.

Here's all the colours I've dyed together - well, one skein of each. The dyelots are all of ten skeins each though.

One of the boxes..

Another of the boxes..

And here are some of the skeins lounging in the garden (actually waiting to have their portraits taken).

I dyed one of our signature variegated colourways as well as one of our signature dappled colourways. The top one is Wild Orchid - you can see an approximation of how that knits up in my Fuss Free Festival shawl, which is HERE.

And the signature dappled shade I mentioned is Rose Bed. This is a soft dusky pink with gold and russet dappled through. If I hadn't already named it Rose Bed I'd have called it Tapestry - I'm not sure why but it makes me think of old faded tapestries - I must have seen something somewhere that brought it to mind.

Anyway, moving on.. I've put together some colour combinations for you - I don't know why I always revert to picking three at a time; maybe it's a subconscious throwback to Colour Affection!

So (all L-R) this is Cedar, Calamondin, and Green Tea:

Geum, Bark, and Heliotrope:

Copper Bucket, Hazel, and Bark:

 Bark, Wild Orchid, and Cedar:

Bark, Wild Orchid, and Hazel:

Copper Bucket, Rose Bed, and Heliotrope:

Geum, Rose Bed, and Heliotrope:

Green Tea, Rose Bed, and Heliotrope (it's amazing how swapping one colour can change the whole palette):

And here are all of them together again:

So that's all of those. I hope it's been helpful. Please remember that yarns sell out really quickly when updates go live so I'm afraid you do need to be fast. Ironically one of the main reasons we left our previous webhost was that I was so sick of it overselling yarns because of update-mania, and I wanted Shopify's shopping cart hold function, which has now been stopped, to our disappointment. I'm sure someone will come up with an app to bring it back but we haven't found one yet.

Ok, on with the next post: Bowland 4ply!


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