Our beautiful classic red, Dogwood, was initially a colour found on Whitfell DK. Due to its popularity and the discontinuing of the base we wanted it to live on and so it was included in the fourth wave of new colours of Milburn 4ply. As alluded to in the title, this is definitely a very festive red, evocative of holly berries and the suits of jolly men, but we don't think it should be confined to the winter months!


Designs using Dogwood

These are patterns where the colourway featured in the photos, and called for in the pattern is Dogwood. 😍

Prairie Winds Shawl by Jayalakshmi

Image © Edsger Studio for Knotions


Bloomsbury Cowlette by Jayalakshmi

Image © Edsger Studio for Knotions 


Pimms Cup by Thea Colman


Pepper by Anna Elliott


Cap Sleeved Top by Jeanette Sloan


Projects using Dogwood

If you have a nosey through the Milburn DK projects on Ravelry you will find some absolute beauties using Dogwood - here are some! 

Lili-wool's Lemon by Helga Isager


Laura's Embleton by Tracy Todhunter



speightyknits' Pastella by Katrin Schubert 


divebunny's Friends by Dani Sunshine


skybek's Petra by Marie Greene


Colour combinations

The joy of the Milburn palette is that the colours have been selected for the way they work together...



..with Steel and Charcoal                   ..with Black Tulip, Tea Rose, and Althaea; Bramble and Damson;


..with Rain and Steel;                                   ..with Harvest Gold and Natural;


..with Harvest Gold and Moss;               ...or with Fern, Moss, Charcoal and Rust.




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