When the final five colours were added to the Milburn range we knew there was a gap for darker green shades, especially for more autumnal shades. We never imagined that the zingy lime green of Fern would be so much more popular than the rich woodland green of Moss. 🙈

Here's some gorgeous inspiration for you! Hands up who wants to make allllll the things now?! ✋

Designs using Moss

Flitcha by Brian Smith

This gorgeous textured cowl actually calls for Bowland DK in Moss, but four balls of Milburn DK would be perfect. It looks cosy!


Slouch socks by Anna Elliott

Loooooove a slouchy sock! Perfect for hiking or just lounging around. :)


Alina Hat by Nostalgiknit

A gorgeous, cosy, slouchy hat. This is a quick knit as well - v satisfying!


Forest Mystery by "Amanita" Agata Mackiewicz

Made in Oakworth DK in Larch, another woodland green, this would of course work beautifully in Milburn DK in Moss. It's absolutely stunning! 🥰 


Echoing Green by Jayalakshmi

Of course! Our favourite big green shawl!! This calls for Oakworth 4ply in Larch and Hosta, but you could totally put Milburn 4ply in Moss into this - what about combining it with Thyme or Fern? 🌿



Projects using Moss

Victoria's Profiterole Hat by Lauren Rad 

This uses Milburn 4ply held double with Eldwick Lace in Larch, which worked out gorgeously well! 


Pilzie's Gio band

This looks cosy! The cables go so well with the richness of the green. 


Loop60's Winterly by Suvi Simola

Absolutely loving this - the leafy lace pattern and the colour combination - it's just lovely. 


Pilzie's Milburn helical hat

Another great colour combination selection here - Moss does go well with a surprising number of other colours!!


Victoria's Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies Designs

This uses Milburn DK in Moss held double to achieve a chunky gauge. It was a super-quick knit, and is a great winter garment! I (Victoria) love pairing it with greys, and berry colours. I must get some more up to date pics!!


dreamsbythesea's Alderman by Victoria Magnus

These were made for us to use as a display sample, but have ended up being worn quite a lot! Again, the rich colour and the smoothness of the yarn really shows off the lush cables. 


Colour combinations

The joy of the Milburn palette is that the colours have been selected for the way they work together. Here are just *some* of our suggestions! 😍

with Dogwood and Harvest Gold              with Fern and Thyme


with Fern, Thyme and Natural                   with Fern, Rust and Black Tulip


 I hope this has been interesting and inspiring for you! And don't forget - we're phasing Moss out so if you love it you need to get it before it disappears! 🌱


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