It occurred to us recently that it might be really useful to have an ECY way to browse patterns and projects made using specific yarns, for inspiration and ideas. It's one of those things where once you think of it it seems blatantly obvious 🙈🤣 

Just FYI - there are no links to Ravelry here. We've linked to patterns and projects that are available to purchase/view elsewhere. 

Titus 4ply is probably our best selling yarn and is a firm favourite with many of our customers. It's certainly one of the oldest types and the fact that it is still going strong and still just as popular speaks volumes! It is a luxurious blend of superwash extrafine merino with mulberry silk meaning it has shine, drape, softness and strength. 

three skeins of yarn on a wooden stool

The first part of this blog post will give you patterns that specifically call for Titus 4ply and the second part shows you our projects using this yarn. Do you have a project in Titus 4ply that you would like us to include? Email us at with an image and the pattern information and we will add it. This page will grow over time as more designs are released and more projects finished!


For most of the designs released since 2018 you can find links to social media for the designers and publications on the Design Collaboration page HERE.


Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska - Campanula and Rambling Rose

A true ECY classic, this has been a firm favourite at shows ever since its release. Every so often we will restock kits for this stunning design on the website and Victoria has several versions in different colour combinations. 

Aisling by Justyna Lorkowsa


Vine Country by Padma R -  Loganberry and Coppice

A triangular brioche shawl inspired by India's Nashik vineyards. The pattern is written to be used as an introduction to brioche knitting but also is a fun knit for brioche enthusiasts. Padma has also included a bonus PDF with tips and techniques to help you along. You will need two skeins, one of each colour and you will use almost all of the two skeins.

Vine Country by Padma R


Ambient by eri shimizu - Driftwood 

This pattern (only available on Ravelry) has two options - a single colour, or you can add a different mohair silk laceweight yarn.

Ambient by eri


Hencliffe by Victoria Magnus - Whispering Grass

A rectangular two skein wrap featuring an easily memorable lace pattern. See more about this pattern in our Hencliffe blog post HERE.  

Hencliffe by Victoria Magnus


Joy by Veera Valimaki from Interpretations Volume 5 - Bliss

This cardigan was originally made using this colourway which was specifically made for the collection, and we have ended up continuing producing it!

Joy by Veera Valimaki


Worth The Fuss by Louise Tilbrook 

A nice easy knit, mostly garter stitch with enough interest to keep you going. 

Worth the Fuss Shawl by Louise Tilbrook


Exhale by Rachel Illsley - Charcoal and Bark

A top-down colourwork yoke jumper design. This garment is graded into nine sizes from XS to 5XL with recommended positive ease of 3-10” / 7.5-25cm at the chest circumference. Finished garment chest circumference ranges from 33.75-67.75“ / 84.5-169cm. Yarn requirements including ~10% excess of the main colour is 974-1819 metres / 1066 -1990 yards / 244-455 grams. For the contrast colour you will need 189-358 metres / 207-392 yards / 47-90 grams.

Rachel stood in front of a grey background wearing a grey skirt and a grey and beige colourwork jumper


Bestla by Liz Corke - Tarn

A beautiful one skein shawl with a deep lace border.

A person stood side on to the camera wearing a white top and a blue shawl draped over their shoulders. The shawl has a solid section closest to the neck and the bottom half is a lace pattern


Interlude by Janina Kallio - Falling Leaves

A single skein shawl combining garter stitch and fishnet lace. The design is lightweight, reversible and delicately simple.

Interlude by Janina Kallio


Trescao jumper by Along avec Anna - Driftwood (held double with Eldwick Lace)

Anna released this as a free pattern on her website and it has two options, Hayton DK or Titus 4ply held double with Eldwick Lace. Both versions are stunning!

 Trescao by Anna Dervout


String of Pearls by Padma R - Titus 4ply in Coppice and Loganberry with Pendle 4ply in Cedar

A triangular brioche shawl, worked top down in 3 colors, with simple brioche lace and cables. Shaping and patterning occur only on light color, light side rows. The pattern includes a 19 page Photo tutorial & Tip sheet with tips for colour choices and tutorials for the different stitches in the pattern. You will need one skein each of three colours of 4ply/fingering weight yarn; one light colour and two darker colours with sufficient contrast.

A person facing away from the camera towards a hedge. They are holding a large triangular shawl outstretched across their back. The shawl features intricate brioche lace patterns and has elements of pink and green to it.


Emma by Jacinta Bowie for Knitting Magazine - Rose Bed

This gorgeous summery lace cardigan appeared in Knitting Magazine Issue 200 and uses two skeins. Issues are available as print versions HERE and digital versions HERE

Mindful Shawl by Libby Jonson - Compost

This beautiful shawl can be made in two sizes, the small uses a single skein while the large uses two skeins. The smaller sample was made using Faded Bloom.

Mindful Shawl by Truly Myrtle


Landskap shawl by Brixton Purl - one of a kind colourway for The Little Grey Girl's Mystery Gem (single skein project)

This shawl has a gorgeous graphic style lace pattern which looks really cool. 

Solasta by Liz Corke - Sunset 

This is a really cool take on combining a shawl with a cowl and making it into one loop. It uses one 100g skein (with leftovers). 

Solasta by Liz Corke 

Breac a' Mhuiltein by Liz Corke - Harbour

This lush shawl pattern is easily adjustable and so can either use one or two skeins.

Breac a' Mhuliltein by Liz Corke

Boardwalk Stroll by Jennifer Shiels Toland - Campanula and Tide

You will need three to four 100g skeins of the main colour, and less than half a skein of the contrast colour - ideal if you also want to make the mitts below!

Boardwalk Stroll Poncho by JST Designs

Boardwalk Stroll Fingerless Mitts by Jennifer Shiels Toland - Tide

These use just 152m for the largest size and so are perfect for using up leftovers. 

 Boardwalk Stroll Fingerless Mitts by JST Designs

Summer Blooms shawl by Jaya of Apoorva Designs - Dianthus

This is a beautiful one-skein shawl which *really* makes me feel summery! I just love the floral lace pattern in the border. 😍

 Summer Blooms shawl by Jaya


I smell snow by Melody Hoffmann - Thunder with another 4ply yarn

A four skein shawl which is a modern take on a Shetland hap shawl. Use two coordinating colours  (2 x 100g skeins of each) to create a large stylish wrap. This pattern is only available on Ravelry.

I smell snow by Melody Hoffmann


Madeira Shawl by Jaya of Apoorva Designs - Dianthus

A stunning crescent shaped lace shawl with beads for extra sparkle.

Madeira Shawl by Jaya

Getting Ziggy by Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart - Driftwood and Charcoal

This jazzy shawl reminds me of 30's styling, I'm not sure why! It's a great project to play with contrasting colours (one 100g skein of each colour), but you could also go for low-contrast, or even bring other colours in. 

Getting Ziggy by Sandra Paul


Chestnuts Roasting by Michaela Moores for Knit Now (Issues 15 and 92)

Issues are available as print versions while stocks last and digital versions which can be found HERE. A beautiful A-line swing cardigan, brilliant for layering!

Chestnuts Roasting by Michaela Moores


The Magic Hour by Mindy Wilkes - one of a kind colourway for Where We Knit Subscription Club

A beautiful one-skein project which was initially designed for the Indie Untangled Where We Knit subscription club (long since finished!). The pattern is only available on Ravelry. Similar colourways include Apricot Tulip, Rosehip, and Geum. 

The Magic Hour by Mindy Wilkes 


Shattered Stars by Liz Corke - Damson

A beautiful one skein shawl worked from the top down with diamond lace motifs in increasing sizes

Shattered Stars by Liz Corke


Southern Shawl by Libby Jonson - Thunder

This shawl pattern is written in two sizes, one skein and two skeins. The design uses striped stockinette, reverse stockinette for the body and is edged with a simple yet effective lace pattern.  

Southern Shawl by Libby Jonson


Castaway Shores by Jennifer Shield Toland - Campanula 

A single skein shawl combining relaxing garter stitch with simple lace seashells and a looped eyelet bind off.
Castaway Shores by JST Knitwear Designs


Herringbone Brick Shawl by Helda Panagary - Rose Bed with Eldwick Lace in Dahlia

This shawl uses stripes of two colours in simple crochet stitches to build an assymetric triangular shawl. You will need one skein of each of the required yarns.

Herringbone Brick Shawl by Helda Panagary




Catechu by Audrey Borrego - Larkspur with Titus Lace in Charcoal

A lightweight sweater with a lace detail around the hem. The pattern is written in nine sizes to give finished bust circumferences between 89-155cm (35-61") and be worn with 15-25cm (6-9¾") positive ease. You will need 1000-1800m (1094-1968yds) depending on the size. Victoria's sample ended up a little shorter than she would have liked and so she added the underskirt in Titus Lace. This is not in the pattern but is the project notes blog post HERE.

Catechu by Audrey Borrego 


Victoria's Machine Knit Raglan (based on Boxy by Joji Locatelli) - Wild Raspberry

This was based on Joji's classic, Boxy. It's a few years old now, has had lots of abuse, and still looks as good as new! Titus 4ply is a really hardwearing yarn!

Machine knit Boxy sweater


Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska - Hibiscus and Whispering Grass

See above for information. One of many samples of this stunning design.

Aisling by Justyna Lorkowska


Daydreamer Socks by Victoria Magnus - Hazel

Just to show that Titus 4ply can be used for socks - you'd be forgiven for thinking it might be too drapey. With a structured stitch pattern like this lace rib, and with the tight gauge, it's absolutely fine for socks. They are really smooth and comfy to wear, and with the silk making this yarn hardwearing these socks are ageing really well - I made them years ago and still wear them. 

Daydreamer Socks


Savarin by Patricia Martin - Larch

This pattern is no longer available, but it was a lovely one-skein shawl with a wavy lace border. 

Savarin by Patricia Martin



Erika's Pisu Top by Gingko B - Coppice, Faded Bloom (we think) and a Cottage Original batch

A versatile reversible top with wrap around details and optional sleeves. The pattern includes instructions for two options. The first is a simple tie detail, the second has a larger overlap and i-cord ties. It can be made in one or more colours. Erika used one skein each of three colours of Titus 4ply from deep stash which is why we have made an educated guess at the pink being Faded Bloom. This version is the second version with the i-cord ties. The pattern features 16 sizes, from 30-60in (75-150cm) bust. Yarn requirements for the first version are 700-1050m depending on the size made. Yarn requirements for the second version are 700-1400m depending on the size made.

Close up image of a torso in a wrap around top. The top is pink on the right hand side and is multicoloured on the left hand side with a green waist band and tie detailing. The multicoloured side includes cream, yellow, green and pink.


Humbug Scarf by Joanne Scrace - Purple Sun

This is a gorgeous one-skein crochet shawl which is particularly useful for breaking up colours in variegated yarns. 

Humbug scarf


Rokeby mitts by Victoria Magnus

Using a classic houndstooth pattern, these are the fingerless flip-top glove version of this pattern - you can do it as fingerless mitts if you prefer though, and with or without the flip top. Again, going to show that Titus 4ply is versatile enough to use for colourwork! 

Rokeby mitts


Drachenfels by Melanie Berg - Geum, Rosehip and Black Magic Rose

This project has its own blog post with some alternative colour combination suggestions, read it HERE but be aware there are Ravelry links in the blog post. 

Drachenfells by Melanie Berg


Affinity by Louise Zass-Bangham - Twig and Linen

This pattern was included in Louise's book Knit Play Colour. I wrote a blog post about the book back when it was released, you can read it HERE. One skein of each colour required and I used beads in this project. The ebook available to download on LoveCrafts

Affinity by Louise Zass-Bangham

So, I hope that's been helpful and inspiring! If you have any projects that you'd like to see featured here please send your high-res photos and info to us at the email address at the top. 😍

A loosely twirled skein of yarn

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