I do! Well, sort of. Firstly, I'll just say now - we don't have colour cards for the hand dyed shades, for a few reasons, which I've explained HERE.

However... what I do have is a Flickr album full of colour combination ideas for Milburn 4ply (and soon DK). Now that there are 20 colours and they're dyed in larger batches, and are so consistent, it means that I can show you colours that go together in the confidence that we will actually have them in stock. 

To look at that, click/tap HERE. I do add to this now and then, so do check back sometimes for new inspiration. :)

I hope it helps!!


Following the issue of this blog post Laura and I had an epiphany. Flickr is a great tool for organising collections of similar images and we have so many images already in there, plus we are adding new images regularly. If you struggle to combine colours but need inspiration for a specific project, check out our Colour Combination collection HERE. There are albums for two / three / four / five / six / seven colour combinations so you should find plenty to get the creative juices flowing!


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